Saturday, November 29, 2008

Can I tell the bride how I REALLY feel about her bridesmaid dress selection?

Ultimately the bride makes the final decision on what dress the bridesmaids should wear. After all it is her wedding! However, the brides do need to remember that the reason their bridesmaids have been chosen is because they have been their friends forever. The bride would never choose to have anyone else stand by her side. So brides… since your bridesmaids have been there for you through it all, it is ALWAYS best to keep your bridesmaids’ tastes in mind when selecting their dresses. This means considering their budgets, personalities, shapes and sizes. You definitely want your bridesmaids to be comfortable.

And for all you bridesmaids out there…virgins or not…you definitely need to be flexible and willing to compromise. However, make sure to share your opinions on the fit and comfort of the dress. You want to be comfortable, and in the end, the bride wants you to be too. Nobody wants to see wedding pictures with the bride and her grumpy bridesmaids! To avoid situations where the dress is selected without your input make sure to volunteer to help during the selection process. Even offer to help setup an appointment or two and offer to research color and fabric options.

So if the bridesmaids express their preferences and the bride takes them into consideration the bride will end up selecting the perfect dress and everyone will live happily ever after!

Pretty straightforward isn’t it?

If you can’t decide…just ask Miss Ruby…we’ll tell you which one to choose!