Monday, June 26, 2017

Honeymoon Must Haves

With warm weather upon us, its hard not to think about tropical get aways. Now is the time to stock up on all the pool or beach-side essentials that you'll want to have for an unforgettable honeymoon. 

Whether you are vacationing to Cabo or planning a fabulous staycation for your honeymoon, check out these must haves!

1. The Perfect Tan

Milwaukee's Natural Glo Boutique is the perfect place to head before your honeymoon! They use all natural products so that you can feel good about getting your tan. With an amazing base tan before your head off to the islands, you can slather on the sunscreen, keep your skin safe, and still look fabulous. 

2. A Cute Outfit for the Plane

Don't put the excitement on pause when you are on the plane! Put together an adorable and comfy-casual honeymoon outfit with a Signature Tees, sold only at Miss Ruby Boutique! Pair these with jeans or a maxi skirt for the perfect traveling attire. Who knows? Maybe you'll get extra perks at check-in if they can tell you are on your honeymoon!

3. A Fun Floaty

Grab a fun floaty for an Instagram-worthy moment. From unicorn tubes to pizza slice loungers, there is something fun for everyone's style. Our pick for your honeymoon? Definitely the engagement ring from Target, pictured below. 

4. A Statement Swimsuit

Whether you are going to the beach for your honeymoon or an extravagant bachelorette party, let everyone on the beach know that you're the bride in a super trendy suit. Our favorites are the ones from Private Party. Customize your color, font, and even the text to make your vacay extra memorable. 

5. Beachy Beauty Products

Now is the time to stock up on Summery essentials. Sea Salt hair products and anything coconut scented are a must for the beach and beyond! Extra points if they come in beautiful packaging and are affordable, like these from Urban Outfitters
Add a mermaid inspired bikini and you are all set for the ocean!


Friday, June 23, 2017

Our Newest Bridesmaids Dresses

Looking for something fresh for your bridesmaids? Below are our favorite New Arrivals! Available in many different color options, we have a feeling that these dresses are going to be a hit with 2018 bridesmaids!

Bari Jay 1730

An on-trend neckline that bridesmaids will want to wear. 

Our Color Choice: 
Order this dress in Blush Gold for a dimensional, shimmery look.

Studio Design 4518

Sheer details will compliment any bridal gown with an illusion neckline

Our Color Choice: 
Burgundy is a classic color choice for fall & winter weddings. 

Studio Design 4516

A unique neckline is perfect for busty bridesmaids who don't want to feel matronly

Our Color Choice: 
Order this dress in Heather, a dusty purple that works in any season and venue. 

Try these on in person!

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Milwaukee's National Bridal Sale - FAQ's

Save the Date! Milwaukee's National Bridal Sale is coming to Miss Ruby Boutique! This annual event is perfect for brides who want their entire wedding to look fabulous on a budget. 

Want to know exactly what to expect? Take a look below for answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the sale. 

What is the National Bridal Sale Event?

The National Bridal Sale Event is a nation-wide event where bridal retailers clear their racks and give area brides the best bargains possible. Miss Ruby Boutique is proud to be a part of this event once again. We're proud to bring this event to Milwaukee brides. 

When Does The Sale Run?

Our sale is taking place Tuesday, July 11th - Sunday, July 16th by appointment. During this week, you'll find great deals on nearly everything we have in store, including bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, veils, belts, accessories, and more!

What Will Be On Sale?

Our Bridal Gowns will be available off-the-rack for incredibly low prices - starting at just $99
Bridesmaids dresses will also be available off-the-rack for as low as $25!
Designer off-the-rack accessories will be marked down storewide, and brides will also receive 10% off any accessory order.

Will I Save Money if I Order a Brand New Dress?

Our markdowns are for off-the-rack styles only. With that said, we always have $100 off weekday bridal gown orders and first appointment bridesmaid dress orders. Ask your stylist for more details. 

Are Appointments Required?

Appointments are required to try on bridal gowns. 

Appointments are highly recommended to try on bridesmaids dresses, as we can only guarantee a fitting room and a stylist for those with appointments. If you want to browse our bridesmaid sale selection, appointments are not required. However, please be aware that without an appointment you may have to wait several minutes for someone to help you or a fitting room to open up. 

How Do I Get The Best Deal?

Our store is very busy during the sale, so we suggest shopping EARLY! We suggest stopping by Tuesday afternoon to get the biggest selection and the best deals. 

Want To Have First Dibs on The Best Styles?

Visit our Facebook Event for exclusive previews of what's on sale. If you see something you like (with a price you like even more), our event followers will get to purchase sale items before the sale even starts!

Will My Favorite Dress Be On Sale?

There's only one way to find out! 

Email us at or call (414) 755-2900 to see if your favorite style made the cut!!

Milwaukee's National Bridal Sale
July 11th - July 16th

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Friday, June 16, 2017

The Risk of Renting Bridesmaids Dresses

Websites have been popping up lately that provide bridesmaids with what seems like a quick and easy solution to their wedding day woes. These sites offer bridesmaid dress rentals. Not unlike how grooms rent tuxes, the logic behind it is that cash-strapped bridesmaids can save money by borrowing their dress and sending it back after the "I Do." 

While it sounds like a great idea, we know a lot about bridesmaids dresses. After some simple investigating, there are definitely risks that these websites are trying to downplay. Read below to find out the very real risks you take by renting a bridesmaids dress instead of buying. 

1. Sparse Inventory

When you choose to rent a bridesmaid dress, know that you are going to get slim pickings in regards to colors and styles. While these websites do have styles from popular brands, they don't have as many styles as a store. The reason is simple - it takes a lot of space to store even just one of every size, color, and style dress. 

Even if you find a dress you are loving online, you are getting limited color options. A Watters bridesmaids dress we found on a rental website was available in 6 colors. You can order the same dress at Miss Ruby Boutique in 31 colors. 

2. Zero Plus Size Options

This was perhaps the most surprising thing we found on bridesmaid rental websites. Most bridesmaids designers offer sizes that range from 0 - 26, including the designers that these websites carry. The Watters dress we found is available for order at Miss Ruby up to a size 24. 

The rental? An 18 was the largest size offered, making this process challenging and unfair for curvier bridesmaids. 

3. No Alterations Allowed

Alterations are typically necessary when it comes to bridesmaids dresses. Most of the time, dresses need to be altered for a perfect fit. Very few girls get away without any alterations, and even girls measuring exactly into a certain size still may need the straps taken up or a few tweaks for a perfect fit. 

Absolutely no alterations are allowed on rental dresses. The rental sites say that 90% of customers have a "perfect fit." Even when sized accurately by professionals, 90% of bridesmaids need some alterations to fit perfect in their dress. 

4. Tall Bridesmaids Only

The biggest concern is undoubtedly the length. These websites claim that their "regular length" is perfect for someone 5'1" - 5'5". The regular length dresses are actually made to fit girls up to 5'8" in height so they typically are too long on people who aren't 5'7" or above.

A hem is the most common bridesmaid alteration. Think about it - if a girl who is 5'5" orders the same dress as a girl 5"1", its going to be at least 4" long on the shorter girl. Unless you want your bridesmaids tripping all over themselves down the aisle, purchasing is a better bet than renting. 

5. Additional Costs Everywhere

Bridesmaids will come in to our store with a long list of styles they are liking online, only to try them on and hate how they look in real life. These websites offer a "try on" option so that you can test styles out before committing to rent them. However this service costs up to $20 per dress! 

From a purely economical standpoint, if you try on 5 styles, decide on one, and then pay the rental fee, you're not saving any money by renting. Plus, what if you don't like any of the styles you try on? 

6. Walking on Eggshells at the Wedding

Weddings are the time when the bride, groom, and all their friends can let loose and enjoy the dance floor and (hopefully open) bar. Sure, the rental websites state that normal wear is expected.  But because your dress will need to be returned, it will be your job the whole night to keep your dress pristine. 

Bridesmaids that buy can have a "who cares?" attitude after pictures are taken. Girls who rent don't have that luxury - They'll be the ones sitting on the sidelines so that they don't tear the hem on the dance floor. 

Buying Vs. Renting

Buying a gown from a boutique is an experience best shared with friends. While online shopping is great for Saturday nights on the couch, we think weddings are more special. Buying a dress ensures that you will be the most presentable and most fun version of yourself at your friend's wedding. 

Want a bridesmaids dress for a bargain? Visit check out our National Bridal Sale Day Facebook Group for a look at our bridesmaids dresses that are now only $20!

Don't worry, we won't make you pay to try them on!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Milwaukee's Best Rehearsal Dinner Venues

The rehearsal dinner is a great opportunity for you, your groom, and your families to come together and celebrate your wedding in a more relaxed and low-key way. Finding the perfect place to hold your rehearsal dinner is an essential part of planning your big day. 

Depending on your wedding style, here are our picks for
Milwaukee's Best Rehearsal Dinner Venues

For the Trendy Bride

If you are a genuine trend-setter, you want your non-traditional wedding to be small and unforgettable. You'll want to have your rehearsal dinner in a place that is a true hidden gem. Our choice for you is Ardent, located on Milwaukee's East Side. 

This intimate dining experience blends the earthy with contemporary, with a comfortable and casual mood that is perfect for intimate conversations. They offer customized dining experiences for parties of up to 20, with special wine and menu pairings to make for the perfect rehearsal dinner. 

For the Traditional Bride

If you are a Traditional Bride, you want every element of the wedding to be the best, including the rehearsal dinner. For brides who don't want to stray from the norm, but still want something delicious and unforgettable, the Milwaukee Chophouse is the place for you. 

This sleek and sophisticated steak house is located in the heart of Milwaukee's downtown. It offers personally sourced, hand selected Midwestern ingredients. They offer private dining rooms so that your friends and family can dine in an intimate, exclusive setting. 

For the Unique Bride

Unique brides want to put their own spin on everything. Every step of the way, they want their wedding planning process to be as special and as unexpected as they are! For these brides, C. 1880 in the always unique Walker's Point area of Milwaukee is the perfect rehearsal dinner spot!

This unique, chef-run restaurant describes itself as "intimate, romantic, and adventurous,"which already conjures up ideas of whats to come. Their private dining room holds 4 - 14 comfortably, and offers dining, wine pairings, and your own private entrance. 

For the Boho Bride

Bohemian brides are free spirits who want everything about their wedding to have an earthy, natural, and relaxed beauty. For brides who want relaxed sophistication, we recommend Wolf Peach for a rehearsal dinner venue. 

Set atop a hillside in Milwaukee's beeline district, Wolf Peach sources all its ingredients from local artisans as well as their own off-site farm and 1,000 square foot garden. Their back-to-basic approach to food creates a fresh, unique, seasonal menu. They can accommodate up to 50 guests for a private, seated dinners. 


Monday, June 5, 2017

Customizing Your Bridal Gown

Brides are always wishing that they could take elements of one dress and add it to another. They are also always surprised when we tell them, it's totally possible!!

The Pippin Gown by Wtoo has been one of our best sellers, and brides across the country have put their own spin on this dress to make it their own. We're using this dress as an example of how you can create the dress of your dreams - literally!

Read on to see how you can easily
Customize Your Bridal Gown


With champagne and blush colored gowns rising in popularity, more and more designers are offering their gowns in different colors. Changing the color of the lining (usually leaving the lace an ivory) is usually free of charge and allows you to create the perfect wedding day look. 

Exact same dress - different color linings (left: rose gold, right: ivory) 

Our Tip: 
If you want the lace to "pop" choose a blush or champagne color. 
Ivory linings will create a more subtle and traditional look. 

Sleeves & Straps

This is one that usually surprises brides. While strapless dresses usually can't be ordered with straps already attached, they are fairly easy for seamstress to make and attach to your dress.

We can always order extra yards of your gown's fabric so that your straps match perfectly. Or, a seamstress can sometimes save the fabric that she hems from the bottom of your dress. Either way, this easy change is definitely one brides love.

Our Tip: 
Decide ahead of time if you want your straps to be functional (hold the dress up)
or just for decoration (such as the off-the-shoulder straps above).

Train Length

If you have fallen in love with a dress but wish it had a longer train, don't be afraid to ask your Miss Ruby stylist if it's possible to add extra train length. Most designers offer this as an option. However, keep in mind that more fabric almost always equals more money. Lengthening the train of a gown often starts at $150.

Alternatively, if you are a bride who isn't a fan of a long train, they can also be removed. This is something a seamstress would almost always have to do for you. Or, if you're on the fence, adding a bustle gives you a long train for the ceremony and gets it out of the way for the reception.

Our Tip: 
Be 100% sure before getting rid of your train.
Often, bustling is enough for brides.


While this isn't the most common change, it's one that we hear brides wanting from time to time. Often, brides fall in love with a sweetheart neckline and are disappointed when the dress of their dreams doesn't have it.

This is another custom change that a seamstress can be put in charge of. Wtoo's Pippin gown has a modified (or small) sweetheart shape. Below is a photo of a real bride who had her's altered to create a more dramatic neckline.

Our Tip: 
Lower sweetheart = a lot more cleavage.
Be sure you want to commit to a lower neckline and decide exactly how low.

Photo Credits: real wedding gown photos from