Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just in . . .

Just in! This gown is gorgeous and is priced under $200! A beautiful empire bodice and sweetheart neckline with ribbon detail.  Available in over 10 colors, including white & ivory.  This would make a fabulous bridal gown and for under $200 you can't go wrong. Love it!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wedding entrance idea . . . what do you think?

I know you have all probably seen this video before since it has been on YouTube for months now. But I thought it would be fun to share with those that haven't or just for y'all to see again. It reminds me of how fun weddings really can be. Yeah, most brides probably won't allow something like this at their wedding and I would imagine many churches wouldn't allow it either. But it is pretty entertaining. And puts a smile on my face! This had to be one fun wedding!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hair flair

Now that your bridesmaid is armed with the prefect dress, some extra flair may be needed, and we look to the accessories department for that.  Hair accessories are a great way to set the tone of your wedding, whether it is for the traditional, modern, formal or informal affair. Here are a couple of our favorites.

Headbands can spice up any look! And are perfect for those girls that may not want to invest in getting an updo the day of! They also make a perfect bridesmaid gift because it is definitely something they’ll want to wear again. Just think how cute these would look with jeans and a t-shirt! These Jaxie headbands can be customized to match your wedding colors and are available at Miss Ruby for under $20!


Looking for something sweet and girly? These pastel button hairpins from bazaarLatino on etsy are actually vintage buttons glued on a bobby pin. Oooh, so shabby chic!

This look may not work for all parties, but I love this modern take on a hippy-style hairband from two adorable ladies in the UK. (

Flowers are available in an endless variety of sizes and color palettes which make them the perfect hair accessory.  Depending on the flower you choose to don in your tresses you can create any type of look – vintage, modern, casual or sophisticated.  The options are endless!  Etsy has a plethora of flower hair pins to choose from. Or if you want to go au natural add a few fresh blooms to your floral order! (The flower shown is from mandizzle on etsy.)

When I think vintage I think of lace, brooches & pearls. Head to your nearest antique store and sort through their collection of lace & jewels to create a timeless and elegant look.  I love this simple look! 

As you can see the options are endless!  But what do you plan to do? We’d love to see what other bridal parties are sporting in their hair! Please share with us!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dress in the City

Chapter 4: You gotta have friends . . .
As women, the friends we have are an essential component to our very foundation. In them we find happiness, comfort, strength and certainty. We carry them with us throughout the events of our lives, learning from their accomplishments and mistakes, teaching them from our own and finding refuge in their very existence. But in the few moments that we find ourselves “alone”, who or what do we rely on for comfort? Maybe it’s realizing our accomplishments; our numerous talents and skills; or maybe, just maybe it’s a great pair of pumps! After all, who’s with you at every board meeting and presentation, at every social event and luncheon? In today’s couture centered world, has fashion become our new bff?

Judging by the gal in this pic, one would think so! This ensemble is the definition of comfort and style! The empire waist of this fabulous frock elongates the torso and slims the midsection, while the feathered details on top add a little volume to the bust-line, not to mention

But it’s the versatility of this look that makes it an instant closet must have. While the dress itself can be the conversation piece of the night, when paired with a longer cardigan and tights, it becomes work wearable. Leave the cardigan open for a more casual look, or pair with a skinny belt cinched right at the empire waistline for a sleek and tailored spin.

However you choose to sport this look remember this is one friend you can trust to always make you look good!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dearest Wellies - You are now my new best friend

Well this post is a little different than most but I wore my new wellies (aka rain boots) for the first time today and let me tell you they were worth every penny!  Well they were only $50 or so (courtesy of DSW), but to not have soaking wet feet and water-stained shoes after trudging through the sloppy, snowy mess today makes me one happy girl.  Between heading to and from my car to both of my jobs everyday I walk quite a bit. My UGGS were destroyed last winter from climbing snow banks to pay all those darn parking meters. Anyway, my new wellies are warm & cozy and completely waterproof. It makes splashing in puddles and trudging through snow a whole heck of a lot of fun!  Plus they actually look cute with tights & dresses, or a fav pair of leggings and skinny jeans too. Or you can rock them like Kate Moss and wear them with shorty shorts!


Closet Helpers

Each and every one of us has, at one point in time, come to a crossroads in our closets. We wake up, dig through the piles of clothes and, after making a mockery of your organizational skills, declare, “I have absolutely nothing to wear!”. Upon deciding this, we limit ourselves to two options. We can either sort through everything again and desperately try and find pieces that can actually go together, or throw everything out and start again. Well my friends there is a more economically friendly way to ensure a fashion hassle-free morning or night. By keeping these staple pieces in your closet you’ll save money and your sanity!

The Boy-less Boyfriend Jacket: Be the leading lady of comfort and savvy in a jacket that’s even acceptable for the future in-laws! With a longer cut and tailored sides this piece offers a sleek but oh-so-casual-cool look. Pair with skinny jeans and tall boots for dinner and a movie, or a pencil skirt or dress at the office.

The Sleek Sheath: Take sophistication to the next level with a form flattering and fabulous sheath dress. With this piece in your closet you’ll be ready to take on any fashion dilemma. The cinched waist and pencil skirt hug the figure in just the right way, while the top portion comes in a variety of necklines suitable for all different body types. Beautiful by itself for a night out on the town, or pair with a cardigan and skinny belt cinched around the waist for a day at the office.

(This adorable plaid sheath is available at Miss Ruby!)

The Cozy Cardigan: This winter it’s all about the cardigan - they are the quintessential add on for any outfit you choose. With all the different shapes, patterns and plethora of color palates available, you can have your cardigan and wear one-everyday if you wanted too! Pair a cropped cardigan with a cute mini skirt and tights for play or opt for a longer cardigan to wear over your pencil skirt for work. And you don’t have to just stick to solid neutral colors. Instead mix and match patterns with brightly colored solids for a look that will wear away at your winter blues.

The Wearable Winter Coat: Who says you have to sacrifice style for warmth? With this season's feminine coats the puffy winter coats of yesterday have finally met their match. These wool and nylon blend coats show off your figure all while keeping it warm! With frill details, pleats and skirted bottoms, you don’t have to pick between femininity and comfort the coat of 2010 is slowly becoming the new dress!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gift idea...Vintage hairpins

I spend countless hours exploring It is amazing what you can find on that website! And a great place to find handmade and vintage gifts and accessories.

Today I found these pretty vintage bobby pins. They are made of upcycled vintage earrings that were rescued, reused and glued to gold bobby pins. How cute is that? They are so girly with that flair of vintage. Of course they’d look adorable on a bride or bridesmaid or any girly girl (like me)! They also come with a shabby vintage style gift tag. Oh so cute and what a clever idea! (You’ll find these and other vintage hair pins, felt brooches, and much more at

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Dessy spring collection has arrived

Ten new dresses from the Dessy Spring 2010 collection have just arrived. The collection consists of several silk shantung styles that can be mixed and matched. These are perfect for the bride wanting their maids to choose different styles in the same fabric.  I also love the first dress below - it has an adorable sweetheart neckline with an empire waist. This dress will look great on EVERYONE!  I actually love them all...but this is one of my new favs! Oh, and the second last dress would be a great bridal gown! Stop in soon to check them all out.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dress in the City

Chapter 3: The art of sleep...

In a day and age where technology has become our number one sidekick, a virtual extension of ourselves, we find that our priorities have suddenly changed. A carefree, relaxed, “enjoy the ride” lifestyle has been replaced with a need to be economical, time oriented and to have the ability to cut corners wherever possible. And this doesn’t stop with the workplace, its extended to our personal lives as well.

With online shopping at our finger tips and apps that can change our hairstyle and put together outfits all from the comfort of our pajamas, why shouldn’t our sense of fashion mimic this highly efficient new lifestyle? It lends the question - have the women of today put going to the mall, waiting in lines, even deliberating over what to wear, to bed?

Well this fabulously efficient femme has found the perfect way to hit the snooze button one more time and still manage to enjoy her coffee! How, one might ask can a person accomplish such an amazing feat? Simple - by donning your nightgown in the light of day! That’s right the centerpiece of this seamlessly constructed ensemble is none other than your bunny slippers’ best friend!

This nightgown works perfectly as a dress for many reasons. The details of this piece makes it appear more constructed and less like sleepwear. While the nighty is A-line, the thick ruffled band at the bottom makes for a slightly tapered fit. Finally, the button and bow embellishments add a subtle feminine touch. Pair with a comfy contrasting sweater, like the gal in this pic did for work, or spice it up with some pearl necklaces and pair of pumps for play. Remember, if your nighty is a little shorter you can always opt for a great pair of leggings underneath. You can stick with solid, complimentary colors or go bold with prints or patterns.

While today’s world may call for Palm Pilots and Blackberry’s, digital meetings and instant messaging, the fashion of the 2000’s doesn’t have to be so complicated. With simply stylish solutions like these, waking up can be the easiest part of your day.

Friday, November 20, 2009

New After Six bridesmaid dresses have arrived

We just received the After Six Spring 2010 collection.  These 3 cocktail dresses from the collection are in nu-georgette and matte satin fabric and are so adorable and easy to wear. Plus they complement each other so well.  So you could let your bridesmaids choose from the 3 styles!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Breaking the "bridesmaid" stereotype

Things such as the movie 27 dresses, and the dreary saying, "always a bridesmaid, never a bride", reinforce an already negative mentality of a typical bridesmaid dress. However, with a little creativity, bridesmaid dresses no longer have to be viewed as a sunk cost, never to be worn again and collecting dust in the crevices of your closet. Miss Ruby is determined to reverse this engrained mindset, and we are excited to bring a "Bridesmaid Dress Remix" to our blog! Several times a month we are going to style one of our bridesmaid dresses in order to show that, with the right accessories, our dresses can be worn for any occasion, whether it is a night on the town, a chic work outfit, or simply a weekend shopping trip. 

Bridesmaid Dress Remix
Lela Rose Crinkle Chiffon Dress

This Lela Rose cocktail length bridesmaid dress is perfect for several different looks. Take a glance at ours. What is your favorite look?

Get the look!
A Night Out on the Town (top left):  Jacket - H&M, Skirt & Tights - Target, Shoes - TJMax
Dinner Party with Relatives (top right): Jacket - White House Black Market, Tights/Headband - Target, Belt - Thrift store, Shoes - TJMax 
At the Office (bottom left): Jacket - Target, Belt/Clutch - Thrift store, Shoes - Urban Outfitters 
A Day of Shopping (bottom right): Jacket - Target, Belt - Thrift store, Boots - ASOS

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New holiday dresses

A few new holiday dresses have arrived!

This black boatneck in a brocade fabric is a nice simple and classic style. Easy to wear and works for all sorts of occasions!

I love this dress!  The ruffle neckline is so romantic and sexy. And the color is called Grape Jelly. Yum!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Totally 80's . . .

Hey Ladies! While this September’s NY Fashion week may now be a thing of the past, the fashion was, well, just that too! Like a blast from the past, the fabulous fashions of fall pay homage to none other than the eccentric styles of the 80’s. That’s right, us gals can have all the fun we want with this trend’s new take on the old. And just like all style revivals, the 2009’s “eighties”, puts a chic twist on the original. Expect slimmer shoulder pads, muted paint-sprayed patterns, and lots and lots of layers, just like the dresses below!

Straight off the runway, this Charlotte Ronson dress is one of my favorites! It has just the right amount of 80’s flare but caters to the more conservative fashion forward femme. Perfect with a pair of pumps for a night out on the town, or don a pair of tights or leggings for the office.

And for those gals who truly want to embrace history, this dress embodies a little more of the 80’s edge. With the water color patterned fabric and layered skirt, not to mention the fabulous oversized brooch, this spunky little dress is perfect for the cocktail hour!

However you choose to wear these fun 80’s trends, it will be sure to have people say, “U got the look!”

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Gracie dress has arrived

The Gracie has a super cute dotted tulle skirt with an antique grosgrain ribbon around the waist. It’s perfect for the bride who wants a casual, flirty and fun dress! And it is available in tea or floor length. You aren’t going to find a dress like this anywhere else! Several other adorable dresses from FANCY NEW YORK have arrived too. This is definitely a dress that makes me want to get married again. Ahh, my dear hubbie, can we do it all over again?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dress in the City

Chapter 2: Boy meets girl, girl meets French fashion…

The city of Milwaukee can often time feel like being in one big silent French film. You can almost hear the accordion playing a lovers tune as two strangers become acquaintances in the silence of an autumn stroll. The story pans out perfectly, as the Girl’s scarf is taken by the medaling wind. The Boy, fighting for her attention, saves the scarf just in time. Grateful for her favorite accessory’s safe return, Girl thanks Boy; Boy smiles, a twinkle in his eye; Girl smiles back suddenly aware of her knight in shining armor. Boy kisses Girl, Girl kisses boy; both fall madly in love and live happily ever after. While this ending may only be believable to the true romantic, the Parisian inspired fashion is very real, just like the dress the fabulous femme in this pic is wearing.

This French enthused outfit is the perfect addition to any fall wardrobe. The black and white stripes of the dress make for a bold statement while the combination of colors creates an instant classic. The tulip skirt is a flattering cut on any figure as it doesn’t hug the silhouette and lends just the right amount of flare without drowning you in yards of fabric. The silk top with jabot is perfect for the fall season as well as the office. Add a pair of gorgeous pumps or fashion forward ankle boots for a look that is tres jolie!

So if you are ever in doubt of true love and happy endings don’t get discouraged, simply dress the part of your favorite leading lady. With great fashion as your good luck charm, you’ll be sure to fall head over heels. But just make sure they’re your most fabulous pair because you never know when the wind might blow your way.

Monday, October 12, 2009

FALL in love with our ready-to-wear for this season

Check out some of our favorite dresses for the season. We know you'll fall in love with all of them. I have...I already bought two for myself;) Victoria, our model, looks amazing and Brittany from Hanle Productions gave us another amazing fashion shoot. Enjoy!