Monday, November 28, 2016

2017 Bridesmaids Trends

Are your bridesmaids on trend for 2017? 

One of the reasons that we love working with bridal parties is that we get to hear all kinds of ideas about how brides want their bridesmaids to look. Even better, we also love sharing our own ideas with brides to enhance their wedding's overall style. 

Here are 3 of our favorite looks for 2017 that only our chicest bridal parties are putting together. Make sure your bridesmaids fashion is on point, then share your own ideas below!

- Ivories and Neutrals -

2016 saw lots of bridesmaids wearing "champagne" colored gowns. The trick with champagne-tones is making sure they match every girl's skin color - choose a dress with too yellow of an undertone and your girls are sure to be washed out in pictures. 2017 brides who want to take on this trend are sticking with ivory and very light neutrals that compliment every single girl in the group.


photo by Molly Jo Collection

- Mix-and-Match - 

This is the most popular bridesmaids trend by far, however picking different shades of the same color just doesn't cut it. It's actually quite difficult to make your girls look mis-matched without it looking like a big mess! Stick to color themes (pastels, for example) or juxtapose different textures to get an on-trend look. Still need help? That's what Miss Ruby's Stylists are here for!

photo by Bellagala

photo by Elizabeth Haase Photography 

- Two Piece Perfection -

The chicest 2017 brides are outfitting their bridesmaids in separates. Being able to switch out the tops allows for your girls to truly customize their look and stay right on trend. And don't worry - your midriff doesn't have to show at all.

Watters has an amazing collection of mix-and-match styles - in store now!

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