Monday, October 30, 2017

Our Most Pinned Bridal Gowns

If Pinterest is any indication of what's hot in the bridal world (hint: it definitely is!), the following bridal gowns are exactly what 2018 brides are searching for - literally. Take a look below at the Miss Ruby gowns that brides all over the country have been saving to their Wedding Boards. 

If you're in Milwaukee, you're in luck! You actually get to try these on in person! 

1. Esperance by Willowby

The Esperance gown from Willowby by Watters was recently featured in a gorgeous, Third Ward styled shoot by Happy Takes Photography. They capture the beauty of this gown brilliantly. The soft skirt, open back, and subtle blush color all make this a must-have for boho brides everywhere. 

2. Juri by Enzoani

From the front or the back, this gown makes such a statement! Every detail - from the sheer bodice to the dramatic train to the tiny crystals that catch the light - creates a WOW moment that brides are embracing. Not to mention, this gown looks good on brides of all shapes & sizes. 

3. Paraguay by La Sposa

Paraguay is the perfectly on-trend. The dramatic bodice is paired with a gorgeous low back. This mermaid gown has the perfect amount of lace to make it traditional, but enough detail to make it something new and unexpected as well. 

4. Haldisa by La Sposa

This dress isn't one that jumps off the hanger at brides. However once brides put it on, no one wants to take it off! There is a simplicity to this gown that is missing from some styles. It's soft, romantic, elegant, and luxurious, which in the end is exactly what most brides are looking for!

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Real Wedding - Katie & Delaney

"I love you, and that is the beginning of everything" 

Wedding Gowns: Mikaella Bridal & Pronovias from Miss Ruby Boutique / Photographer: LK Photography / Venue: South Second Milwaukee

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Best Kept Secret In Bridal...

Weddings are expensive. Even brides with the strictest budgets are swayed to spend more when paging or pinning through a list of "must-haves." 

The secret to saving literally THOUSANDS on your bridal look? 

The Answer: 

Buy Your Bridal Gown Off-The-Rack

This tactic has been given a bad reputation. But it's actually a great way to save money!  Your gown will be just as special & beautiful as placing an order for a gown! 

- Allow us to address some common misconceptions - 


If a boutique wants to sell a dress off-the-rack, there must be something wrong with it. 


Small boutiques (like Miss Ruby Boutique) are required to order a certain number of styles each season. When our number of gowns grow, we need to make room for them. It's that simple. Sometimes even a brand new gown with a full, ballgown skirt will be marked down just because it takes up lots of space, as crazy as that sounds. 


Ordering a Bridal Gown means it must be on-trend. Off-the-rack styles are all out of date. 


Brides every day order gowns that are several seasons old. During our Flash Sale, we have so many of off-the-rack styles that have only been in the boutique for a few months. What "season" the dress is from should have nothing to do with whether or not your love the style. 


Buying a gown off-the-rack means that it is "used"


Any piece of clothing you have ever purchased from a store has been tried on before. All buying an off-the-rack style means is that a bride has put it on in a fitting room and taken it off, just like nearly all the clothes hanging in your closet. 

The best time to capitalize on this kind of bargain?

Visit a boutique during a Sale!

What is a Miss Ruby Flash Sale?

During our special Sale dates, every dress in the boutique is marked down and priced to sell off-the-rack. Smart shoppers take advantage of this opportunity, as it allows them to buy a gown they wouldn't normally have been able to afford for a price that often comes in under budget. 

Do These Gowns Need Any Special Alterations or Care?

Yes & No. Our off-the-rack gowns range in size from size 8 - size 12, with a small number of gowns ranging from size 18 - size 24. If a gown is too large on you, a seamstress can always take it in up to 4 dress sizes quite easily, and it won't cost much more than normal alterations.

What Do I Need to Know Before Shopping A Flash Sale?

Come ready to buy. Seriously. We don't say this to sound pushy, we say this because this is an event that is full of other brides who are ready to buy. Almost every time a bride says "I need to think about it," her dream gown is gone when she comes back later that day to say "YES!" 

Ready to Find the Dress of your Dreams For a Fraction of the Cost?

Monday, October 23, 2017

2018 Trends From Bridal Market Chicago

Last month, the Miss Ruby Team went to Chicago for Bridal Market - a 4 day event that brings some of the biggest names in bridal fashion to the Midwest. We got a first look at the Spring 2018 collections from our designers and got to choose exactly which gowns we want to bring to Milwaukee for our brides! 

Just like every year, there are some trends that we never saw coming! Want to know what's on the horizon for bridal fashion and what girls will be wearing into 2019? Take a look below for the stand-out trends we saw at Bridal Market Chicago. 

Geometric Patterns

A few weeks ago, if you would have told us that geometric prints and patterns would be a stand-out trend in the bridal world, we wouldn't have believed it. But it totally works! There is something incredibly fun about bringing a new texture to a classic look. This trend is perfect for brides who have a lot of personality but want to be traditional on their big day too. 

Traditional Silhouettes

For the last few years, brides have been wanting to keep their looks sleek, simple, & comfortable. It makes sense, then, that bride who want a fresh and unexpected look would turn to something that makes a statement. Full A-Line & Ballgown skirts were definitely a huge part of our designers' new collections. These gowns have undeniable wow-factor and will make anyone who wears them feel like a princess. 

Floral Prints & Patterns

Flowers have always been a part of wedding day style. Now, however, flowers can be incorporated right into your bridal gown. Whether you want subtle embroidery or to go all-out, our designers are making the trend accessible to every bride! This is the perfect trend for brides who want a non-traditional color, but don't want to look like every other blush-covered bride.

Arriving in store Winter 2017!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New Dessy Bridesmaids Colors

Adorable & affordable bridesmaid designer Dessy has released a new crop of colors for Fall 2017. To say that they are on-trend is an understatement - these colors are ones that bridal parties will be wearing into 2019 and beyond. Planning a 2018 wedding? Then you want to know all about these color trends so your wedding doesn't look overdone. 

Dessy's new palette is a new, tonal take on 2017's blush trend. It takes the popular pink shade in sophisticated new directions. These aren't just colors bridesmaids will look good in, these are colors they are going to want to wear. 

English Rose is luxurious, rich shade that is perfect for Fall weddings. 

Accent With: 
- Marsala Flowers
- Gold Tableware
- Flickering Candles

Dusty Rose is a mauve with cool purple undertones and a distinctly sophisticated feel. 

Accent With: 
- Grey Suits
- Light Sage Decor
- Whitewashed Barnboard

Peaches & Cream has a whimsical, light feel that will make your wedding look fresh and fun. 

Accent With: 
- Ivory Decor
- Wild Flowers
- Touches of Cornflower Blue

Desert Rose is a neutral shade that defies convention, making it perfect for a no-frills, bohemian affair. 

Accent With: 
- Copper Tablescapes
- Succulents and Native Plant Life
- Organic Shapes and Textures

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Friday, October 13, 2017