Friday, February 23, 2018

Gorgeous Gowns from Willowby by Watters

We're so excited for our upcoming Willowby by Watters Trunk Show, taking place March 2 - 4. 
For one weekend only, we'll have their fabulous 2018 collection in store just for Miss Ruby Brides! 

Take a look at some of our favorite styles by this designer. Then, schedule an appointment so you don't miss out on finding an exquisite style for your wedding. 

Corella - In Store Now

Orion - In store during our Trunk Show, March 2 - 4

Galatea - In store now

Asa - In store now

Udara - Available by request

Lief - In Store Now

Visit us for our Willowby by Watters Trunk Show
March 2 - 4

Click here to schedule

Monday, February 19, 2018

Inspiration: A Celestial Wedding

Inspired by gowns from our Willowby's 2018 Collection, we put together an Inspiration board that is right on trend for this upcoming wedding season. Inspired by the gorgeous night sky, this moody take on a typical wedding brings boho to the next level (and beyond). 

- Bride - 

Our choice for a bridal gown comes from Willowby's new La Luna collection, which will be in our boutique for limited time only! Always on the pulse of trendy and bohemian bridal style, these gowns are as effortless as they are elegant. Subtle brides will want to stick with something simple with a dramatic silhouette. Bold brides, however, will find find a celestial-inspired style that people will be talking about long after the sun goes down on your wedding day. 

- Bridesmaids - 

We found two different options that stay true to this wedding's fashion forward theme. Rich, sapphire blue dresses with clean lines and unique textures will allow your girls to pop. Or, a mismatched bridal with dusty jewel tones has an effortless look that blends with this trend's accidentally elegant atmosphere. 

- Accessories - 

The little details are where you really get to have fun. More and more accessory designers are adding constellation-inspired pieces to their collections, meaning you can find the perfect whimsical hair accessory to enhance your look. 

- Decor - 

While you can go in many different directions with this theme, we prefer subtle touches and natural elements over incredibly literal decor. Quartz, geodes, mercury glass, and splatter paint somehow combine beautifully under a big, beautiful night sky. These elements (and maybe a few fairy lights) crete a perfect laid back environment for your guests to enjoy. 

- Venue - 

Our vote is definitely under the stars! A beautiful backyard or rooftop wedding is the perfect place to host your family and friends in the moonlight. Live in a place where the weather doesn't cooperate? Talk to your event coordinator about installing interesting lights that mimic the twinkling night sky. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Bridesmaids Dress Cheat Sheet

Want to put together an Instagram-worthy look for your bridal party? We found some great looks from our favorite Wedding Blogs (Style Me Pretty, Wedding Wire, and Green Wedding Shoes) that we would love to help Wisconsin brides & Wisconsin bridesmaids put together in our boutique. 

See how perfectly everything goes together, then schedule an appointment for a stylist to help you effortlessly bring the look to life for your wedding day!

Rustic &  Romantic

How To:

Mix not only different colors, but also different fabrics and multi-dimentional patterns for rich and luxurious look. We skipped white lace bridesmaids dresses (as in real life, they can look too bridal) and opted for all-champagne lace dress instead. 

Colors Seen Here: 

Modern & Muted

How To:

Our designers, like Dessy, have so many options for a muted blush palette just like the one seen above. Pairing these trendy colors with even trendier details (such as ruffles, slits, and sleeves) means your bridal party will look picture perfect. 

Colors Seen Here: 

Light & Airy

How To:

Mix your favorite pastels with a little shimmer for a fun and fresh look perfect for a Spring or Summer wedding! Including light grey tones and sophisticated sequin styles ensures it doesn't start to look too much like an Easter celebration. 

Colors Seen Here: 

Unique & Artistic

How To:

This look requires a sophisticated and artistic eye to look cohesive. We mixed taupe and grey tones with dusty sage and palette-appropriate prints to create a textured look that is sure to pop! Our only suggestion? When creating something totally unique, rely on a stylist (and not a friend) to tell you if your colors go together. 

Colors Seen Here: 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Shop Our Flash Sale - March 30th

Weddings are expensive. Even brides with the strictest budgets are swayed to spend more when paging or pinning through a list of "must-haves." 

The secret to saving literally THOUSANDS on your bridal look? 

The Answer: 

Buy Your Bridal Gown Off-The-Rack

This tactic has been given a bad reputation. But it's actually a great way to save money!
 Your gown will be just as special & beautiful as placing an order for a gown! 

- Allow us to address some common misconceptions - 


If a boutique wants to sell a dress off-the-rack, there must be something wrong with it. 


Small boutiques (like Miss Ruby Boutique) are required to order a certain number of styles each season. When our number of gowns grow, we need to make room for them. It's that simple. Sometimes even a brand new gown with a full, ballgown skirt will be marked down just because it takes up lots of space, as crazy as that sounds. 


Ordering a Bridal Gown means it must be on-trend. Off-the-rack styles are all out of date. 


Brides every day order gowns that are several seasons old. During our Flash Sale, we have so many of off-the-rack styles that have only been in the boutique for a few months. What "season" the dress is from should have nothing to do with whether or not your love the style. 


Buying a gown off-the-rack means that it is "used"


Any piece of clothing you have ever purchased from a store has been tried on before. All buying an off-the-rack style means is that a bride has put it on in a fitting room and taken it off, just like nearly all the clothes hanging in your closet. 

The best time to capitalize on this kind of bargain?

Visit a boutique during a Flash Sale!

What is a Miss Ruby Flash Sale?

During our special Sale dates, every dress in the boutique is marked down and priced to sell off-the-rack. Smart shoppers take advantage of this opportunity, as it allows them to buy a gown they wouldn't normally have been able to afford for a price that often comes in under budget. 

Do These Gowns Need Any Special Alterations or Care?

Yes & No. Our off-the-rack gowns range in size from size 8 - size 12, with a small number of gowns ranging from size 18 - size 24. If a gown is too large on you, a seamstress can always take it in up to 4 dress sizes quite easily, and it won't cost much more than normal alterations.

What Do I Need to Know Before Shopping A Flash Sale?

Come ready to buy. Seriously. We don't say this to sound pushy, we say this because this is an event that is full of other brides who are ready to buy. Almost every time a bride says "I need to think about it," her dream gown is gone when she comes back later that day to say "YES!" 

Ready to Find the Dress of your Dreams For a Fraction of the Cost?

- Friday, March 30th -

Friday, February 9, 2018

The Accessory Everyone Forgets...

Brides are often so consumed with shopping for their bridal gown, bridesmaids dresses, shoes, accessories, and more that they forget about one thing - Bridal Lingerie! 

Luckily, we're just a week away from our Madalyn Joy Designs Trunk Show, and she'll be bringing her gorgeous collection of bridal robes, lingerie, and other underpinning to our store just for Milwaukee Brides! 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

New Arrival - Theia Bridesmaids

Brand new bridesmaids dresses by couture designer Theia have arrived in store. Available in a variety of on-trend colors, the bridesmaids trends seen here are what are going to be all over bridal blogs in 2018. 

Make sure your bridesmaids are perfectly on trend by shopping these amazing new styles. 

Friday, February 2, 2018