Friday, December 29, 2017

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Miss Ruby Gives Back!

Every year the Miss Ruby Team uses our December Staff Meeting as a way to give back to the community. This year, we focused on giving back to three different organizations that are making a huge, positive impact in the Milwaukee community. 

Take a look below at each charity and learn how you can give back too!

Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative

MHVT's mission is to help homeless and at-risk veterans maintain their highest levels of independence. Since 2008, they have helped more than 3,000 veterans and their families in southeastern Wisconsin obtain benefits, housing, healthcare, and other necessities. 

Jimmy, Sara, Lisa, Christy, and Britani went out to purchase items that would aid this organization's shelters & meal-sites, both of which help MHVT in their continued mission. 

The Walkers Point Youth & Family Center

The mission of the Walkers Point Youth & Family Center is to meet the needs of homeless, runaway, or other troubled youth in the Milwaukee area. They offer shelter, counseling, and other services which help young people solve their problems and strengthen family relationships. 

Sadee, Hillary, Braylee, and Morgan were on a team that donated household items that most members of this program are completely without. Simple items such as pillows, bedding, and blankets are a critical resources for members of this program. 

PEARLS for Teen Girls

PEARLS is a leadership and development program serving Middle School and High School aged girls in Milwaukee. They empower these girls to live out the PEARLS values: Personal responsibility, Empathy, Awareness, Respect, Leadership, and Support. 

Erin, Pauline, Meg, Adrianna, and Kylie all set out to gather items that will help these teen girls navigate academic and professional paths. Items such as paper, pasteboard, and journals will help these amazing girls express their creativity. 

Giving Back

Every year, our team looks forward to helping donate items to Milwaukee charities. After our shopping trips, we got together to share what each team purchased. By then end of the night, the boutique was filled with items for donation!

We are always so happy to give back to the Milwaukee community and can't wait for our next opportunity. 

To learn more about Miss Ruby Boutique's Volunteer Efforts

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Just Announced: January Flash Sale!

Weddings are expensive. Even brides with the strictest budgets are swayed to spend more when paging or pinning through a list of "must-haves." 

The secret to saving literally THOUSANDS on your bridal look? 

The Answer: 

Buy Your Bridal Gown Off-The-Rack

This tactic has been given a bad reputation. But it's actually a great way to save money!
 Your gown will be just as special & beautiful as placing an order for a gown! 

- Allow us to address some common misconceptions - 


If a boutique wants to sell a dress off-the-rack, there must be something wrong with it. 


Small boutiques (like Miss Ruby Boutique) are required to order a certain number of styles each season. When our number of gowns grow, we need to make room for them. It's that simple. Sometimes even a brand new gown with a full, ballgown skirt will be marked down just because it takes up lots of space, as crazy as that sounds. 


Ordering a Bridal Gown means it must be on-trend. Off-the-rack styles are all out of date. 


Brides every day order gowns that are several seasons old. During our Flash Sale, we have so many of off-the-rack styles that have only been in the boutique for a few months. What "season" the dress is from should have nothing to do with whether or not your love the style. 


Buying a gown off-the-rack means that it is "used"


Any piece of clothing you have ever purchased from a store has been tried on before. All buying an off-the-rack style means is that a bride has put it on in a fitting room and taken it off, just like nearly all the clothes hanging in your closet. 

The best time to capitalize on this kind of bargain?

Visit a boutique during a Sale!

What is a Miss Ruby Flash Sale?

During our special Sale dates, every dress in the boutique is marked down and priced to sell off-the-rack. Smart shoppers take advantage of this opportunity, as it allows them to buy a gown they wouldn't normally have been able to afford for a price that often comes in under budget. 

Do These Gowns Need Any Special Alterations or Care?

Yes & No. Our off-the-rack gowns range in size from size 8 - size 12, with a small number of gowns ranging from size 18 - size 24. If a gown is too large on you, a seamstress can always take it in up to 4 dress sizes quite easily, and it won't cost much more than normal alterations.

What Do I Need to Know Before Shopping A Flash Sale?

Come ready to buy. Seriously. We don't say this to sound pushy, we say this because this is an event that is full of other brides who are ready to buy. Almost every time a bride says "I need to think about it," her dream gown is gone when she comes back later that day to say "YES!" 

Ready to Find the Dress of your Dreams For a Fraction of the Cost?

Friday, December 8, 2017

Shopping Advice from a Fellow Bride-to-Be

While we were browsing planning forums, we ran into Reddit user's da91392 self proclaimed "epiphany"about finding the bridal gown of her dreams. Her advice jumped out to us, because it contains knowledge that we bridal stylists try to share with our brides every single day. 

"I recently posted here about whether I should buy I dress I loved and looked great in. My reservations were because the dress wasn't "exciting" enough -- it just looked like a wedding dress, in a very popular style and shape...I went shopping again today with the same group of people. I came out of the room in a dress I thought was too crazy and over the top and I FINALLY got the reaction I'd been looking for; they couldn't shut up about how great the dress was. And that's when I realized, they were reacting to the drama of the dress. And that's all.

They wanted to see something WOW or with an "X-factor" and I get that, I've watched a billion "Say Yes To The Dress" episodes. I went into dress shopping thinking "I have to get something SPECTACULAR that will take everyone's breath away when they see me," but you know what? 

No, I don't. 
I don't need to be in something no one has ever seen or something to entertain people. 
I can just wear a wedding dress that I love. 

I completely and wholeheartedly understand why brides want to look dramatic and special on their wedding day, and I'm not saying there's a thing wrong with that. You should want to look special. And you should want to look damn good. But I've never been a dramatic or overstated-fashion person, and I don't have to be now. I can wear a good-looking and well-fitting white dress and be overjoyed about doing so. My wedding isn't about entertaining and surprising people, it's about getting married.

I realize all of the pressure to do something ~different~ was self-inflicted. I wanted to make sure I was worthy of being the center of attention on this day. I wanted to try my hardest to insulate myself from any criticism, by picking a breathtaking dress. But I fell absolutely in love with a normal, non-exciting wedding dress, and that's ok! Everyone is going to think I'm beautiful etc. and be happy for me on the day. Because I'm getting married to the love of my life!! How can that not be breathtaking in and of itself?"

Monday, December 4, 2017

New Arrivals - Bridesmaids Dresses for Under $150!

Want styles that you will love to look at in photos and your bridesmaids will have no problem paying for? Our newest arrivals are fashion-forward styles by After Six that are now available in on-trend colors that brides are falling in love with. The best part is their price - not a single one is priced over $150!

Cheers to that!

After Six 1502

After Six 1503

After Six 1504


After Six 1505

After Six 1506