Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How to pop the question to your bridesmaids-to-be

They’ve been there since the days in the sandbox; the ones who pushed the mean boy that was always pulling your hair; the ones who could make you find laughter in everything. They are your best friends; your rock; your home away from home. And now as you head for the alter it’s time for these special people in your lives to don another title - bridesmaid. But how do you “pop the question” to your bridesmaids-to-be in a way that will be sure to have them say “I Will!”?

Ask Directly: There’s nothing wrong with getting right to the point. Since your friends are probably some of the first people you’ll call to share the exciting news with, we can’t blame you if you’re too excited to hold back on asking! If you decide to ask right away, or in the midst of your excitement accidentally blurt out the question, there is a way to make the event look a little more planned. After you’ve asked and your friends have, of course accepted, make reservations at your favorite restaurant. Order a bottle of champagne for the group and as soon as everyone arrives have the waiter bring it in. With a wedding on the horizon and shopping to be done, there will be more than enough to toast to!

Bestow them with a shirt that shows off their status in style: Get your gals a bridesmaid t-shirt or tank. If that doesn’t give them a clue than the card asking them to be one of your bridesmaids surely will! Miss Ruby has a fabulous collection of bridesmaid shirts and tanks from the Ruby-Star line perfect for this occasion.

Matching gifts with notes: To show your friends that having them in your life is truly a gift-get them one! Anything from personalized totes, to pretty picture frames that show off a picture of all of you, are great ideas. A bridesmaid survival kit is another gift idea that can also come in handy on the big day. Armed with things like double sided tape, mints, and hairspray, (just to name a few), nothing will get in the way of you and your bridesmaids' walk down the aisle. Whatever you end up choosing, make sure to send them a heartfelt card with your proposal.

Send bouquets to all of your bridesmaids-to-be: For those of you who like to be creative, this is a great way to ask your friends to be a part of your wedding! Order a bouquet of flowers for each of your friends and have them sent to their work/home. In the bouquet place a card with your question. They’ll be sure to respond back with a resounding “Yes!”

These are just a few of the ways you can “pop the question” to your friends. You know your friends best so whichever way you choose will be the perfect way!

If you have any other suggestions or would like to share how you asked your friends to be your bridesmaids let us know!

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