Thursday, August 13, 2009

A girl's best friend

Hey ladies, as summer begins to rest its sleepy head I thought I’d take the time to praise girl’s best friend of these short, but warm WI months. She never has a hidden agenda, or steals the spotlight. She always finds you compliments and wants nothing more than for you to shine. For all of these reasons the dress, your dress, is truly a best friend.

Whether it’s the L.B.D., the fabulous frock, or the goddess inspired maxi, your dress has been there for you through it all. It’s helped you find the courage to go on that blind date that you swore to yourself would only be over your dead body. It’s given you the confidence you forgot you had during the hardest job interview of your life. It’s inspired you to take those vacation days you desperately needed so you could find yourself again underneath the lazy sun. It’s made you find beauty in your deepest insecurities and represents the pages of your life.

And for all of you who always opt for jeans and T-shirts, I promise you this. One day you will find the perfect dress. You will slip into the silk shantung, charmeuse, or chiffon. You will step in front of the mirror and feel like there is no one else in the world. It’s just you, the dress, and your reflection. You will feel beautiful, empowered; feminine. You will finally glimpse the exquisiteness that those around you see all of the time.

And this girls, is why, the dress is the outfits of all outfits; a friend through and through. She will always have your back, and she will always represent you in the highest light. She is a gem; she is you!

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