Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dress in the City

Chapter 3: The art of sleep...

In a day and age where technology has become our number one sidekick, a virtual extension of ourselves, we find that our priorities have suddenly changed. A carefree, relaxed, “enjoy the ride” lifestyle has been replaced with a need to be economical, time oriented and to have the ability to cut corners wherever possible. And this doesn’t stop with the workplace, its extended to our personal lives as well.

With online shopping at our finger tips and apps that can change our hairstyle and put together outfits all from the comfort of our pajamas, why shouldn’t our sense of fashion mimic this highly efficient new lifestyle? It lends the question - have the women of today put going to the mall, waiting in lines, even deliberating over what to wear, to bed?

Well this fabulously efficient femme has found the perfect way to hit the snooze button one more time and still manage to enjoy her coffee! How, one might ask can a person accomplish such an amazing feat? Simple - by donning your nightgown in the light of day! That’s right the centerpiece of this seamlessly constructed ensemble is none other than your bunny slippers’ best friend!

This nightgown works perfectly as a dress for many reasons. The details of this piece makes it appear more constructed and less like sleepwear. While the nighty is A-line, the thick ruffled band at the bottom makes for a slightly tapered fit. Finally, the button and bow embellishments add a subtle feminine touch. Pair with a comfy contrasting sweater, like the gal in this pic did for work, or spice it up with some pearl necklaces and pair of pumps for play. Remember, if your nighty is a little shorter you can always opt for a great pair of leggings underneath. You can stick with solid, complimentary colors or go bold with prints or patterns.

While today’s world may call for Palm Pilots and Blackberry’s, digital meetings and instant messaging, the fashion of the 2000’s doesn’t have to be so complicated. With simply stylish solutions like these, waking up can be the easiest part of your day.

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