Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dress in the City

Chapter 4: You gotta have friends . . .
As women, the friends we have are an essential component to our very foundation. In them we find happiness, comfort, strength and certainty. We carry them with us throughout the events of our lives, learning from their accomplishments and mistakes, teaching them from our own and finding refuge in their very existence. But in the few moments that we find ourselves “alone”, who or what do we rely on for comfort? Maybe it’s realizing our accomplishments; our numerous talents and skills; or maybe, just maybe it’s a great pair of pumps! After all, who’s with you at every board meeting and presentation, at every social event and luncheon? In today’s couture centered world, has fashion become our new bff?

Judging by the gal in this pic, one would think so! This ensemble is the definition of comfort and style! The empire waist of this fabulous frock elongates the torso and slims the midsection, while the feathered details on top add a little volume to the bust-line, not to mention

But it’s the versatility of this look that makes it an instant closet must have. While the dress itself can be the conversation piece of the night, when paired with a longer cardigan and tights, it becomes work wearable. Leave the cardigan open for a more casual look, or pair with a skinny belt cinched right at the empire waistline for a sleek and tailored spin.

However you choose to sport this look remember this is one friend you can trust to always make you look good!

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