Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dresses of the Week

Red Silk Bubble Dress
Okay, so this is a fun little dress and perfect for bumming around in. It has a flirty and short bubble skirt and a wider waist with room to add a belt if you want. The dress looks fantastic with leggings and the fabric is a very soft silk. It has the look of a romper, which makes it even cuter. Oh, and it has pockets too. This dress is definitely for those days when you want something young and playful looking!

Siri Chantal Dress
The Siri Chantal dress has been a huge hit with bridesmaids this spring. It is from Siri’s newest collection and features a strapless bodice, with an a-line skirt and a flirty sash that ties into a bow at the waist. The fit is amazing on all girls! Plus you can do all sorts of color combinations – two-tone with the bodice one color and skirt a second like pictured, all one color, or you can select one color for the dress and a second for the sash. And you have over 50 silk shantung colors to choose from. Best of all if you have 3 or more maids it is priced at $207! Great price for a high-quality, silk dress, made in the USA and totally adorable!

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