Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10 Things to Know Before Buying a Bridal Gown - #8

Finding your perfect wedding dress is a once and a lifetime experience for every bride-to-be. No other time in life do you put so much emphasis on a single item of clothing, so we thought we would provide our brides with a few guidelines to help them prepare for that big shopping day!

#8 Know Your Silhouette
On your wedding day, all eyes will be on you and you will be photographed more than any other day of your life. For this reason, we want you to be confident that the dress you are wearing is the perfect match for your figure. Here is a quick guide to popular wedding silhouettes.
The Ball Gown:  One of the most classic bridal shapes is recognized by its tightly fitted bodice and waistline which then flows into a full, voluminous skirt.  Perfect for:  While the ball gown works well on most body types, it is ideal for thin, full-figured, short-waisted, or pear-shaped brides.   The tight bodice will show off your tiny waist and help to conceal your bottom half. Shorter brides should pay attention to the fullness of the skirt as it may overpower a shorter stature.

The Empire Waist: An empire waist sits right below the bust line which than falls into a slimmer skirt. Perfect for:  Thick-waisted and pear-shaped brides as it will hug the smallest part of your waist and will create a long, lean line.  It is also ideal for smaller-chested brides as it will create definition and draw attention up towards the neckline. Smaller chested brides should opt for a top that features ruching or detail, which will give the bust a fuller look.

The A-line: A silhouette that can do wonders for all brides! This style features a skirt that flows close to the hip and gradually flares out further at the bottom hem. An easy way to spot this silhouette: It creates the letter ‘A’. Perfect for:  Absolutely Everyone! Really…when in doubt, try an A-line! 

The Column: Also referred to as a sheath, this sleek and straightforward look will gently skim along your body hugging all your curves. Created in light chiffon, the column will look effortless for a casual outdoor or destination wedding or add a touch of modern sophistication with a silk taffeta to create a bit more structure.  Perfect for:  lean and petite ladies who want to elongate their body lines, or tall and athletic ladies who want to show off their days at the gym. 

The Mermaid: This stunning showstopper snuggly contours the body from the chest to the knees and then dramatically flares out from the knees to the floor. Perfect for: A confident bride! If you are tall, curvy or long-waisted, this dress will elegantly show off all your best assets.

The Trumpet: More understated than the Mermaid, the Trumpet skims along the waistline and then gradually flares out at mid-thigh. Perfect for: Proportional hourglass girls, to show off those glorious curves as well as thin or petite girls to give you those curves you may be lacking.

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