Monday, November 28, 2011

10 Things to Know Before Buying your Bridal Gown - #5

Finding your perfect wedding dress is a once and a lifetime experience for every bride-to-be. No other time in life do you put so much emphasis on a single item of clothing, so we thought we would provide our brides with a few guidelines to help them prepare for that big shopping day!

#5 Keep Location in Mind
Make sure to consider the location of your ceremony & reception when shopping for your gown. A satin ballgown with a long train will be way too heavy for an outdoor or beach wedding.  And a flowy gown may be a bit casual for an elegant affair. There are so many different styles of gowns available that there is sure to be the perfect gown for your venue. Make sure to share all the details of your day with your consultant. With that information they'll be able to suggest the perfect gown for you. A few tips:
  • Choose a natural fabric such as silk & cotton if you are having an outdoor wedding or are getting married in warm weather. The natural fabrics breathe, so they'll be much cooler than synthetics.  Always remember to ask if the fabric is a true silk. Many boutiques will state that their gowns are "silky". This does not mean they are silk. 
  • The heaviest and warmest fabric will be satin. So avoid satin for outdoor/warm weddings. Satin gowns are very nice for chic and elegant affairs at churches & hotel ballrooms.
  • Remember trains can always be shortened or lengthened.  Getting married in a church and have a long walk down the aisle? A long train can make for a very dramatic entrance. A short, sweep train will do if you are getting married on the beach or outside.

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