Monday, August 20, 2012

Bridal Gown Sample Sale - FAQ's - August 26

Why do bridal stores have sample sales?
Every season we receive new styles and samples from our bridal designers. Sample sales help make room for new samples. A Sample Sale benefits both the buyer and the store – it gives the bride-to-be a chance to purchase a beautiful gown at a discount, and allows us to make more room for new gowns.

Does buying a sample mean I am buying a used dress?
NO! Our samples are not “used,” they are simply the dress we receive from the designer for our customers to try on. They are always brand new when we receive them and one of our staff members is always accompanying a customer when they try our samples on. Some of our samples have only been tried on a handful of times and are always checked to make sure they are in top condition.

Are all sample dresses a size 0?
Not at all. Most of the sample sizes we receive are between sizes 6-14. And many of them do run small. If a dress is not fitting you, keep in mind that the dress will be altered to fit you perfectly.

What if I love a dress but I do not fit in the sample – can I still order the dress?
Absolutely. All bridal orders placed on the day of our Sample Sale will receive a 10% discount. The discounts featured on our dresses, however, are only available for the sample dress we have in stock and not for orders placed.

What designers are featured in the Miss Ruby Boutique sample sale?
We are featuring dresses from Alyne, Aria, Fancy, Robert Bullock, Siri, Stephen Burnbaum, and White One by Pronovias. Dresses are on sale for up to 80% off their original price.

What can I expect on the day of the Miss Ruby Boutique Sample Sale?
When you arrive, you will complete a brief information sheet and meet with your Bridal Consultant. She will take you to the bridal suite, show you how our dresses are arranged, and answer any questions you may have. Appointments are 45-minutes long, and in the interest of time we are allowing each bride to try on 3 dresses to start and if time allows you may try on more.

How do I know if a dress I loved is part of the sample sale?
You can call Miss Ruby Boutique during business hours and ask if the designer/style you are looking for is included in the sale

Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes, appointments are required. They can be made by phone at (414) 715-2900 or click here.

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