Monday, October 29, 2012

French Beaded Flower Bouquets

French beaded flowers are a traditional art that originated in France and spread all over Europe in the 1500's. French maids took discarded beads from making extravagant gowns and strung them on wire and transformed them into flowers. Many royals including Marie Antoinette, Napoleon's Josephine, and Princess Grace have had French beaded flowers in their possession because of their timeless beauty.

Fen of Bead Flora & Jewels has transformed this timeless art form and modernized it for the modern bride. A favorite of celebrities, these handcrafted bouquets are elegant, exquisite and an excellent way to have a bouquet that lasts beyond the wedding day.

Want to see one in person? We have a beaded bouquet on display at Miss Ruby and the artist will be on hand at our next Bridal Styling Night!

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