Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wedding Theme: Black and White

There's always a certain risk involved in planning a wedding around a theme that may be too trendy and not relevant years from now when you want to reflect on your big day, but it's pretty safe to say that black and white will always be in style!

Choosing to go Black and White for your big day adds a level of glamour and formality to the event and provides your guests with the feeling that they're a part of a Hollywood style celebration. Take a look at some pictures we found on the web on how to make your Black and White wedding dreams a reality!

Intricate, formal invitations give a great preview for what guest should expect--like these found on Pinterest 

Photo found here--these were D.I.Y and only cost around $5.00!

Photo found here--bridesmaids all in black, different styles with a great pop of color!

Love this cake, inspired by Spring '13 Oscar de la Renta! Image found here

Bow-Tie napkins! How perfect! Photo found here (other great b&w theme photos here too!)

Who says they need to be blue?! Love these shoes to add a touch of black to your gown, found here

Monochromatic centerpieces, found on Pinterest

White and Ivory flowers with black ribbon, has a great Vintage feel to it! Found here
Seeing some ideas you love? We think the best way to do a Black and White wedding is in the subtle details--even incorporating Ivory, Cream, Gold and other neutrals to help offset the stark difference can add that personal touch to your elegant affair! Don't be afraid to bring in pops of vivacious colors too and most of all have fun!

We hope no matter what theme or color palate you go with for your big day, your personal details shine through and it's everything you planned it out to be!

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