Monday, September 21, 2015

Miss Ruby Sample Sale - FAQs

You don't have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks.

If you are a bride who has high-end taste but is still trying to stick to a budget, a sample sale is something that you simply must take advantage of. Our last sample sale was such a success that we wanted to offer another for any future brides who didn't have wedding gowns on their radar the last time around.

Learn more about this special event before setting up an appointment with us on Saturday, October 1st or Sunday, October 2nd.

What Exactly Is A Sample Sale?
We get asked this question a lot, so if you aren't sure what a sample sale is, you are definitely not alone!

A Sample Sale is an event where the gowns we have in store ("samples" as they are called in the bridal industry) are heavily discounted in price. Typically when brides purchase a wedding gown, she places an order with a designer and we have a dress in her size shipped to our store. At a sample sale, you take the dress we have in store home with you when you purchase.

Why Are You Selling Your Sample Dresses? 
We love all of our samples, but we simply run out of space! A Sample Sale is a win-win for our boutique and our brides, because it means we get to clear some space on our racks and our customers can get high quality gowns for a bargain.

I'm Not A Size 0 - Can I Still Buy A Sample?
Absolutely! A majority of our Sample gowns are bridal sizes 8, 10 or 12 - depending on the designer, that translates to a street size 6-10. We also have a small number of plus-size samples, ranging from size 18-20.

Is There Something Wrong With Your Samples?
Our samples are still very much in style - from bohemian dresses to breathtaking ballgowns, there is something for everyone. They have all been previously tried on by brides, so while some of our samples are still in pristine condition, others are a little more "well-loved." We offer information for local dry cleaners and seamstresses to all of our brides, however, most of our samples look as good as new.

I Just Started Bridal Shopping - Should I Visit the Sample Sale?
Our boutique welcomes all brides to come to our Sample Sale, but we find that this event is best for brides who are ready to make a decision in regards to purchasing their gown. We hate it when someone falls in love with a sample gown (and it's incredible price) and it sells while she is trying to decide if it's "The One." Because of the nature of our sale, if you want to get a like-new gown at a heavily discounted price, it's best to be open to buying that day.

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