Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Bridesmaids Colors By Season

Mis-matched dresses are the biggest trend for 2016 Bridesmaids. Creating a cohesive color palette rather than picking one color gives you lots of flexibility & ensures that every girl in your bridal party wears a color and cut that makes them feel confident. 

While the result looks effortlessly chic, picking colors that don't clash can be a challenge - that's why we created some color combinations that work together perfectly - Use them for inspiration, but be sure to sit down with a professional (like a  Miss Ruby stylist) so that your bridesmaids look picture perfect and not like a Pinterest fail. 


Why It Works: 
Mixing shades of blue is a great idea for a fresh Spring wedding look, but "anchor" colors such as Blush or Charcoal make those blue tones stand out. They are thoughtfully included to give your blue hues a delightful contrast. 

Our Spring color palette uses various shades from the Dessy Bridesmaids collection. Not only does the chiffon knit provide more warmth for your 'maids in colder months, it also has a great texture that chiffons or satins simply don't provide. 


Why It Works: 
Mixing together too many Summer colors can look like a mess. Bright Pinks, Corals, Yellows, and Blues may remind us of warmer weather, but can look childish when put together in the wrong way. 

Our Summer palette borrows colors from a sunset, incorporating colors that all have a golden undertones. Here, soft corals pair well with champagne and golds. Add a few rich, dark pinks and the result is sunny and sophisticated!


Why It Works: 
Jewel tones are such an easy pick for a fall wedding. Together, they create a warm rainbow of colors that borrows from the gorgeous colors found in nature during this time of year. 

The secret to the palette above is to combine different fabrics as well as colors. Differing textures add to the depth and warmth that jewel tones already convey. Don't forget to add colors that step outside of the usual "Fall" palette - here we added a rich amethyst, but a peacock blue would work as well.


Why It Works: 
It's hard to not think of reds and greens when it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but deviating from the typical seasonal colors will make your wedding look like a sophisticated soiree rather than a tired holiday party. 

Shades of gray punctuated with blacks and shimmery champagnes are a classy combination that works well with the overall feel of this season. Similarly, your bridesmaids will appreciate that they are allowed to look like movie stars at your wedding!

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