Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Vendors We Love - If Looks Could Kill

Anyone woman who is engaged knows that brides-to-be are in front of the camera 24/7. Think about it - there are bridal shower shots, bachelorette selfies, and very expensive wedding photos on the horizon. Engagement photos are just the beginning!

Brides who want to look glam at a moments notice are beginning to embrace Eyelash Extensions, the hottest trend in Bridal Beauty. Where mascara can clump, eyelash extensions are au natural. Where fake lashes look just that (FAKE), eyelash extensions bring out your natural beauty. As they become mainstream, many brides are incorporating them into their beauty routine as a special splurge during their exciting engagement. 

Milwaukee is full of big name lash studios that can make lots of promises, but as a boutique business ourselves, we know that bigger isn't always better. That's where Lauren Elizabeth Barbick from "If Looks Could Kill" comes in. This local lady knows lashes - she is one of the few beauticians in the area who actually specializes in lash extensions, meaning that they are her full time job. 

Although she specializes in lashes, Lauren has a ton of tools at her disposal that can glam up any bride-to-be. That's why she is offering our Miss Ruby Shoppers a great Bridal Beauty Package for half price. Either pamper yourself in the months before your wedding, or purchase a package as a gift for a fellow engaged lady. 

Either way, you get to support a local business and look great doing it!

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