Monday, June 5, 2017

Customizing Your Bridal Gown

Brides are always wishing that they could take elements of one dress and add it to another. They are also always surprised when we tell them, it's totally possible!!

The Pippin Gown by Wtoo has been one of our best sellers, and brides across the country have put their own spin on this dress to make it their own. We're using this dress as an example of how you can create the dress of your dreams - literally!

Read on to see how you can easily
Customize Your Bridal Gown


With champagne and blush colored gowns rising in popularity, more and more designers are offering their gowns in different colors. Changing the color of the lining (usually leaving the lace an ivory) is usually free of charge and allows you to create the perfect wedding day look. 

Exact same dress - different color linings (left: rose gold, right: ivory) 

Our Tip: 
If you want the lace to "pop" choose a blush or champagne color. 
Ivory linings will create a more subtle and traditional look. 

Sleeves & Straps

This is one that usually surprises brides. While strapless dresses usually can't be ordered with straps already attached, they are fairly easy for seamstress to make and attach to your dress.

We can always order extra yards of your gown's fabric so that your straps match perfectly. Or, a seamstress can sometimes save the fabric that she hems from the bottom of your dress. Either way, this easy change is definitely one brides love.

Our Tip: 
Decide ahead of time if you want your straps to be functional (hold the dress up)
or just for decoration (such as the off-the-shoulder straps above).

Train Length

If you have fallen in love with a dress but wish it had a longer train, don't be afraid to ask your Miss Ruby stylist if it's possible to add extra train length. Most designers offer this as an option. However, keep in mind that more fabric almost always equals more money. Lengthening the train of a gown often starts at $150.

Alternatively, if you are a bride who isn't a fan of a long train, they can also be removed. This is something a seamstress would almost always have to do for you. Or, if you're on the fence, adding a bustle gives you a long train for the ceremony and gets it out of the way for the reception.

Our Tip: 
Be 100% sure before getting rid of your train.
Often, bustling is enough for brides.


While this isn't the most common change, it's one that we hear brides wanting from time to time. Often, brides fall in love with a sweetheart neckline and are disappointed when the dress of their dreams doesn't have it.

This is another custom change that a seamstress can be put in charge of. Wtoo's Pippin gown has a modified (or small) sweetheart shape. Below is a photo of a real bride who had her's altered to create a more dramatic neckline.

Our Tip: 
Lower sweetheart = a lot more cleavage.
Be sure you want to commit to a lower neckline and decide exactly how low.

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