Thursday, August 24, 2017

New Bridesmaid Trends for 2018

There are definitely trends that take the wedding world by storm - especially when it comes to wedding colors. There are no "right" or "wrong" colors when it comes to your wedding. However, if you are looking to have a bridal party that is totally fresh in design, check out these twists on popular palettes. 

These new takes on popular colors will give your wedding a fashionable and very 2018 feel. 

Instead of Blush, Try 


Why It Works: 

Blush is a gorgeous pick, but it can read very whimsical. Pick the wrong shade of blush and you end up with your bridesmaids all in bubblegum pink. Mauve is a rich shade that combines elegantly with rich greens and natural greenery, which is perfectly on trend for 2018. 

Pairs Well With: 

- Navy Suits
- Marsala & Emerald Accents
- Greenery

Our Pick: 


a matte mauve from Watters

Instead of Navy, Try

Dusty Blue

Why It Works: 

Navy is a classic wedding color, but too much navy can be too dark and heavy-handed. Plus, it can give off a nautical-vibe if not done correctly. A Dusty Blue is a modern twist on this color. It's easy to wear and perfect for a lux Fall wedding. 

Pairs Well With: 

- Charcoal Suits
- Gold & Ivory Accents
- Vintage Glassware

Our Pick: 


A soft, dusty blue from Dessy Bridesmaids

Instead of Champagne, Try


Why It Works: 

Champagne is one of the hardest colors for bridesmaids to wear. If the bride picks an unflattering undertone, at least one of her bridesmaids is going to look washed out. Taupe is a deeper take on a neutral tone that flatters more skin-tones and looks perfectly on trend. 

Pairs Well With: 

- Tweed Suits
- Shimmering Gold Accents
- Fall Decor & Autumn Tablescapes

Our Pick: 


a rich, breezy taupe from Wtoo

Instead of Pastel Prints, Try

Dark Florals

Why It Works: 

Mix & Match bridesmaids are still on trend, but picking different shades of the same color is the easy way out. The newest trend is combining rich floral prints with a few solids to create a Mix & Match look that no one has seen before!

Pairs Well With: 

- Black Suits 
- Bright Florals
- An Overcast Sky

Our Pick: 

Mixed Textures 

from Watters

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