Friday, December 8, 2017

Shopping Advice from a Fellow Bride-to-Be

While we were browsing planning forums, we ran into Reddit user's da91392 self proclaimed "epiphany"about finding the bridal gown of her dreams. Her advice jumped out to us, because it contains knowledge that we bridal stylists try to share with our brides every single day. 

"I recently posted here about whether I should buy I dress I loved and looked great in. My reservations were because the dress wasn't "exciting" enough -- it just looked like a wedding dress, in a very popular style and shape...I went shopping again today with the same group of people. I came out of the room in a dress I thought was too crazy and over the top and I FINALLY got the reaction I'd been looking for; they couldn't shut up about how great the dress was. And that's when I realized, they were reacting to the drama of the dress. And that's all.

They wanted to see something WOW or with an "X-factor" and I get that, I've watched a billion "Say Yes To The Dress" episodes. I went into dress shopping thinking "I have to get something SPECTACULAR that will take everyone's breath away when they see me," but you know what? 

No, I don't. 
I don't need to be in something no one has ever seen or something to entertain people. 
I can just wear a wedding dress that I love. 

I completely and wholeheartedly understand why brides want to look dramatic and special on their wedding day, and I'm not saying there's a thing wrong with that. You should want to look special. And you should want to look damn good. But I've never been a dramatic or overstated-fashion person, and I don't have to be now. I can wear a good-looking and well-fitting white dress and be overjoyed about doing so. My wedding isn't about entertaining and surprising people, it's about getting married.

I realize all of the pressure to do something ~different~ was self-inflicted. I wanted to make sure I was worthy of being the center of attention on this day. I wanted to try my hardest to insulate myself from any criticism, by picking a breathtaking dress. But I fell absolutely in love with a normal, non-exciting wedding dress, and that's ok! Everyone is going to think I'm beautiful etc. and be happy for me on the day. Because I'm getting married to the love of my life!! How can that not be breathtaking in and of itself?"

What she is saying here is exactly the message we try to tell brides when they are trying on gowns in our store - Your wedding dress should make you look like the most beautiful version of yourself on your wedding day. But you should still look like yourself

"It's the bride that makes the dress beautiful, not the other way around"

Often, brides get really hung up on the idea that they need to pick a dress that will make them look "beautiful," but the truth is, every wedding dress is going to make everyone look beautiful. What truly makes a bride look memorable is the unique look on her face when she gets to marry her best friend. The dress is important, but it's the bride that makes the dress beautiful, not the other way around. 

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