Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Picking the Perfect Undergarments

Finding your bridal gown is one thing - finding the perfect undergarments are another! Brides continually ask us, "What should I wear under my gown?" so we have compiled a list of bras, bustiers, and other underpinnings that solve the most common dress questions. 

Backless Bridal Gowns

For bridal gowns with low backs, we first and foremost recommend having cups sewn in by a qualified seamstress. That way, the support you need will literally be built right in. If you are looking for other options, however, there are plenty of bras and undergarments made specifically for backless bridal gowns. 

Adhesive, backless bras are a great option, as they are easy to find at most local retailers
For bustier gals, a low-back bustier provides much better support. 

Plunge Necklines

2018's hottest bridal trend are gowns with dramatic necklines, like the Wtoo Bridal Gowns pictured above. While these are beautiful styles, brides are often stumped as to what to wear underneath for support. 

Just like with backless gowns, bra cups can always be added by a seamstress in alterations. If you prefer to go a more traditional route, however, there are also options specifically designed for gowns with dramatic necklines. Strapless bras with dipped necklines are easy to find at specialty retailers. Or, opt for individual adhesive cups for support. 

Sleek & Fitted

Sleek and fitted gowns pose their own undergarment dilemma - even if they can easily be worn with a strapless bra, they tend to show every lump, bump, and panty line. For gowns that are sleek and simple, we always recommend wearing slimming or no-show undergarments that match your skin tone. We also recommend Spanx to girls of ALL shapes and sizes for the perfect, no line look. 

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