Monday, February 19, 2018

Inspiration: A Celestial Wedding

Inspired by gowns from our Willowby's 2018 Collection, we put together an Inspiration board that is right on trend for this upcoming wedding season. Inspired by the gorgeous night sky, this moody take on a typical wedding brings boho to the next level (and beyond). 

- Bride - 

Our choice for a bridal gown comes from Willowby's new La Luna collection, which will be in our boutique for limited time only! Always on the pulse of trendy and bohemian bridal style, these gowns are as effortless as they are elegant. Subtle brides will want to stick with something simple with a dramatic silhouette. Bold brides, however, will find find a celestial-inspired style that people will be talking about long after the sun goes down on your wedding day. 

- Bridesmaids - 

We found two different options that stay true to this wedding's fashion forward theme. Rich, sapphire blue dresses with clean lines and unique textures will allow your girls to pop. Or, a mismatched bridal with dusty jewel tones has an effortless look that blends with this trend's accidentally elegant atmosphere. 

- Accessories - 

The little details are where you really get to have fun. More and more accessory designers are adding constellation-inspired pieces to their collections, meaning you can find the perfect whimsical hair accessory to enhance your look. 

- Decor - 

While you can go in many different directions with this theme, we prefer subtle touches and natural elements over incredibly literal decor. Quartz, geodes, mercury glass, and splatter paint somehow combine beautifully under a big, beautiful night sky. These elements (and maybe a few fairy lights) crete a perfect laid back environment for your guests to enjoy. 

- Venue - 

Our vote is definitely under the stars! A beautiful backyard or rooftop wedding is the perfect place to host your family and friends in the moonlight. Live in a place where the weather doesn't cooperate? Talk to your event coordinator about installing interesting lights that mimic the twinkling night sky. 

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