Tuesday, March 27, 2018

5 Benefits of Attending a Bridal Styling Night

Still need bridal accessories?  Let's finish your bridal look at our upcoming Bridal Styling Night!

1. Your Wedding is Coming Up

If you've got your gown & your wedding is coming up, Bridal Styling Night is perfectly scheduled so you can find your accessories in ample amounts of time. Accessories take anywhere from 2 - 4 months to arrive if you place a custom order. However, many pieces can also be sold off our sales floor if you want to take it with you that day. 

You have spent MONTHS planning your bridal look! Accessories are what bring your whole look together, so don't leave them until the last minute. 

2. You Want Lots of Options

We always have a great selection of bridal accessories in our store, but we always stock up during our Styling Nights so you'll have even more options!

You'll find veils, all sorts of jewelry, bridal belts, & more!

3. You Want Something Special

When you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a bridal gown, you want quality jewelry and accessories that won't cheapen the look! 

If you don't have any heirloom pieces that you are set on wearing, we have a larger collection of pieces from Lovebird Jewelry that will be in store just for Bridal Styling Night. We will also have store exclusive pieces from Sorelli Jewelry to provide the perfect finishing touch. 

4. You Want to be Wearing Your Gown

Picking jewelry and accessories for your bridal gown can be difficult if you are not in your bridal gown! Luckily, if you come to one of our Bridal Styling Nights, you'll have a fitting room set aside specifically for you to put on your gown so you can put a perfect look together. 

Not a Miss Ruby Bride? Not a problem! Bring your gown along and we can help you find accessories! 

5. You Want an Expert Opinion

When you purchase jewelry online, anything could show up at your doorstep. Plus, it's not fun to shop for bridal accessories on your couch!

Our Bridal Styling Nights are a great way to include your friends and family in your styling process. They'll give you their honest opinions and make sure you don't go wrong. Plus, you'll be working one-on-one with a Bridal Stylist who will also help perfectly complete your look. 

Ready To Shop?

Setting up an appointment for Bridal Styling Nights is easy! 
Just call (414) 755-2900  or email us at info@missrubyboutique.com to reserve your hour-long appointment at our boutique. 

Be sure to plan ahead! Appointments are filling up FAST!

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