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Bridal Flash Sale: What It's All About

Every month we discount a large selection of our off-the-rack bridal gowns at our Bridal Gown Flash Sale.
These sales have been a huge hit & have helped brides save $300-$1800 on their bridal gowns!

We get it weddings are expensive. Even brides with the strictest budgets are swayed to spend more when paging or pinning through a list of "must-haves".   And we have new bridal gowns arriving in store all the time so we have to keep
selling our dresses off-the-rack or we'd need a warehouse!
It's a win/win!

Here are some things you'll want to know about our Bridal Gown Flash Sales!

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What is a Miss Ruby Flash Sale?

During our special Sale dates, a large selection of bridal gowns & bridal accessories in the boutique are discounted and priced to sell off-the-rack. Many brides love to take advantage of this opportunity, as it allows them to buy a gown they wouldn't normally have been able to afford for a price that often comes in under budget. 

Do These Gowns Need Any Alterations?

Most of the time you'll need to expect alterations with any bridal gown to fit you perfectly. Our off-the-rack gowns range in size from size 8 - 12, with a small number of gowns ranging from size 18 - 24. If a gown is too large on you, a seamstress can always take it in several dress sizes quite easily, and it won't cost much more than normal alterations. Girls that wear street sizes 4-12 tend to fit best in the off-the-rack gowns with the least amount of alterations.

What Do I Need to Know Before Shopping A Flash Sale?

Come ready to buy. Seriously. We don't say this to sound pushy, we say this because this is an event that is full of other brides who are ready to buy. Almost every time a bride says "I need to think about it," her dream gown is selected by another bride!  Full payment is due to purchase an off-the-rack bridal gown & you get to take it home with you. Yay!

Can I Try on Gowns that Aren't on Sale?

Yes!  All bridal gowns will be on display at the boutique & you'll get to choose if you want to try on anything not included in the sale.

What Can I Expect the Day Of?

It's a sale and you'll know it when you enter the boutique and feel the energy!  Everybody's excited to find their dress at a GREAT deal!  So brides will be excited & it will be busy!  It's a fun & exciting time for those who like to shop in this atmosphere. If you are looking for a quieter and more laid back shopping experience we suggest you schedule a weekday appointment outside of the sale.

Is There Something Wrong With the Gowns? 

Nope! They've just been tried on before. Small boutiques (like Miss Ruby Boutique) are required to order a certain number of styles each season. When our number of gowns grow, we need to make room for them. It's that simple. Sometimes even a brand new gown with a full, ballgown skirt will be marked down just because it takes up lots of space, as crazy as that sounds.

Are Appointments Required?

Yes, appointments are still required for the sale. Actually, you get the exact same experience you would if shopping at Miss Ruby on another day. Just because you are getting a discount doesn't mean your experience should be any different! You'll still get one-on-one assistance from your own personal Stylist & a 90-minute appointment.

Are Off-The-Rack Styles Out of Date?

Nope! Our Off-The-Rack styles are from the past few seasons. But none of them are out of date!

Ready to Find the Dress of your Dreams For a Fraction of the Cost?

Visit Miss Ruby Boutique's Bridal Gown Flash Sale!

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