Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dress in the City

Chapter 1: A skirt, a girl, a city…

One of the things I love most about the city of Milwaukee is the way that you can become absolutely consumed by it. It is a planet in and of its own; the center of gravity, pulling you in with each stiletto clad step you take. And in the rhythm of its pulse you find yourself breathing all of it in. The sights, the sounds, and most importantly the fashion!

This city wouldn’t be a city without the sashay of a beautiful chiffon skirt, or the strut of a gorgeous pair of pumps. In fact if you stop to listen, the city is alive with the sounds of couture. It’s the women in their tailored suits running off to important meetings; the ladies on their first dates dressed head to toe, only to impress. And it is this reason above all else, that I feel it is important to pay homage to those gals who take the city of Milwaukee by storm, just like the lovely lady in this pic!

I love this outfit for so many reasons! For starters it seems to almost be an extension of the city itself, with the hard angled lines of the jacket and twisted metal chain of the necklace. And that’s exactly why the bubble skirt is the perfect addition to this ensemble. It, along with the bow embellishment of the necklace, is just the right amount of feminine frill to soften the look. Additionally, the layering effect of the jacket makes it a perfect piece for work or play. Add a gorgeous pair of pumps for a night out on the town or some beautiful ballerina flats to take a more casual spin. Whatever angle you choose, together these pieces work like a well oiled machine - and in the city it’s all about getting where you need to go!

So ladies, the next time you’re out and about in downtown Milwaukee, stop for a second to take it in. After all in a city with its hard exterior, good fashion is the armor everyone needs. And like the embrace of a loved one, a great outfit makes you feel powerful, secure and most of all fabulous!

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