Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An Audey story

One of our dearest customers sent us this sweet little note. Read on…and check out how fabulous she looked!

Here's my little story about the night I wore my adorable Audey dress. I wore my dress to my cousin's wedding this past Friday night. It was an evening wedding but the weather was still extremely summer like. Thinking my new Audey chartreuse & cream print dress would be just fine. I did discover though that I felt a little uncomfortable seeing that everyone was wearing the basic "safe" black dress. During the cocktail hour at the reception, I had just told my husband that I would just stand back along the wall out of the way. My "poufs" were making me feel a little out of place, when this adorable young woman, maybe in her 30's, came up to me and said "I just LOVE your dress!" She said when I walked in the church, she turned to her guy and said "Jon, look at that dress!" I couldn't resist and told her how sweet she was saying such a nice thing. I then told her my story, how I was feeling and how I got my designer dress. She told me people around here just don't know and have no style. She told me to wear the dress proud because I looked absolutely stunning! I danced the night away! Thanks Audey!

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Brittany Parker, Health Coach said...

i want my Audey dress!!! So I can match my Mom! hehe! ;-)