Monday, October 5, 2009

This little shop owner went to market

We went to the bridal market yesterday to select styles for Spring 2010 and I haven't returned this excited from market in a long time. Here is a sneak peek of just a few things we ordered at market. This is only a FEW! We'll be getting in at least 50 new styles for spring. I can't even contain myself I am so excited.

This is the dress I would have worn if it was available four years ago when I got married. It is called Gracie. You can barely tell by the photo but the skirt has polka dots!
We didn't order this exact dress but one very similar with shorter sleeves. This dress can be ordered in colors so it is great for moms too!
Has anyone seen a bridesmaid dress like this before? Most likely not! What a fabulous style. I am ordering one for myself for summer weddings. Plus it has elastic inside the bust so alterations may not be needed!
We ordered this one in ivory. Wouldn't this make a lovely bridal gown? It is made of a new soft-satin fabric so it drapes much nicer than most satins. Plus it will retail for under $300!
Not the greatest pictures but here are two of the new Lela Rose styles. If you want your bridesmaids in designer dresses for a fraction of the price this is the line to go with. Yeah, the prices range from $260-$330 but with fabrics consisting of wool/silk/cotton blends and styles you won't see anywhere else they are definitely worth it!

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Brittany Parker, Health Coach said...

can't wait to see these beautiful samples!!!! love the 50's inspired wedding dresses!!! when can i get married again?? loL! vow renewal may just have to by moved to 5 yr instead of 10 yr!!!