Friday, December 14, 2012

Tips for Picking Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

Odds are, if you have a wedding party with two or more bridesmaids, they are not going to be shaped the same, look the same, or possibly have anything in common other than the bride. So how do you pick a dress that's going to look good on all of them? Here is some expert advice on selecting bridesmaids dresses that will make everyone happy:

Select dresses that are flattering on every figure. Like most of the bridal parties we see, sizes and shapes can be very different for each girl. In cases like these we always recommend going with a cut or style of dress that will make every girl look good and feel great about herself.

Thick straps and ruching
near the midsection are
very figure flattering.
Watters #620
We've found that this dress flatters all figures.
Bari Jay #555
Sleeves are a good option for a bridesmaid
who is self-conscious about her arms.
Watters #2251

Choose a color that is complimentary. Similar to the last tip, you want to pick a color that looks amazing on every girl. Neutrals (navy, black, grey) tend to look good on everyone, and almost every dress we sell comes in these colors. If you are looking for brighter colors, warm corals are in style and very flattering.

Having your girls pick their own LBD
will make sure they all feel confident
on the big day!
Alfred Sung D440
Although it isn't technically a
neutral, practically all of our dresses
come in Navy blue.
Alfred Sung D538
If you are worried neutral is too boring,
incorporate pops of color to match your wedding colors!
Jim Hjelm #5254

Let your girls have a say. You may have no idea about some of your bridesmaids insecurities or hesitations. It can be fun to have a day where everyone can get together and make a decision about the dresses they will be wearing. Letting every girl pick their own style of dress lets them show their personalities while still looking uniform.

Mismatched styles and colors give the bridesmaid's look a unique twist.
Photo courtesy of The Short And The Sweet Of It
We are loving the idea of bridesmaids picking different styles, patterns, and textures
but still sticking to a similar color palette.
Photo courtesy of: Pretty Little Weddings

Finally, don't be afraid to be decisive. Letting all of your girls pick their own styles on their own time can be a nice gesture, but can sometimes get overwhelming. Don't be afraid to encourage them to make a decision, place their order by a certain day, or wear the same dress. Ultimately, these girls will probably do anything and wear anything for your special day, so remember to let your own opinions be heard.

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