Thursday, February 7, 2013

What To Wear Under Your Bridal Gown

Finding the perfect dress can be hard enough, but sometimes finding the perfect undergarments to go with your perfect dress can really be the tricky part. Many times, we have girls who find the perfect strapless, halter, or low back gown and have no idea how to wear something underneath that supports and/or slims them. Luckily, we recently ran into this article online which has some of the best advice we have ever read about what undergarments to wear on your wedding day.

"The undergarments you wear under your dress are there solely to support you, smooth you, and keep you all in place," writes author Juli Alvarez. And while we completely agree with her, there also may be room for a little fun as well as function.

Check out the article, and also take a look at some of the undergarments we found that would be perfect for under any wedding gown. Whether your dress is strapless, semi-sheer, or you just want the best fit for any dress, be sure to take time to find the perfect undergarments for your big day. Nothing could be more unnoticeable and more important all at the same time!

For Low-Backed Gowns:

These Chicken Cutlets by MissOops have no back at all!
The Feather-Lite backless bra 
Turn any bra into a low-back bra!

 For Strapless Gowns:

This strapless bra is fancy and functional.
Try a convertible bra under a strapless gown!
Get this bra here.
We love the lace on this sultry black strapless

For Under Any Gown:
A corset like this can make your feel sexy and "dressed up"
This silk bustier/panty combo is so elegant!

Don't Forget the Bottoms!
Lace Spanx? Yes, Please!
Even nude underwear can get fancy!
These are like wearing (practically) nothing!

For the Honeymoon:
Save the fun for the Honeymoon with this
silk romper by La Fee Verte
Victoria's Secret is a great go-to for honeymoon
basics like this satin robe.

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