Thursday, March 7, 2013

Destination: A Wedding in Paris

If you think planning a wedding in Milwaukee is stressful, imagine planning a wedding an ocean away! There are many couples who do just that, and decide on a destination wedding. And where better to celebrate your love than the most romantic city in the world - Paris! Here are some pictures from around the web of weddings in Paris. They almost make you want to pack your bridal gown and elope in the City of Light.

Do you have experience planning a wedding abroad? Let us know where you're going, and any challenges you've faced with a destination wedding!

What a better back drop than the city of love?
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Gothic-style buildings like this somehow compliment the delicate bridal gown.
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Could you imagine looking out the window and seeing this on your wedding day?
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A top hat and tails makes you groom look classic and sleek
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Touches of France can even be added to weddings in unexpected places!
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There cannot be a more romantic picture than this.
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This looks like a reception venue right out of a movie.
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Sip an espresso in a picturesque cafe on the way to the reception.
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