Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why to get your bridesmaid dress from a boutique and not an online retailer

There are plenty of online retailers who are ready and willing to sell bridesmaids dresses, usually to the lowest bidder. Although it seems like shopping online for dresses is the most affordable and convenient options for a wedding party, we always cringe when we hear girls who are planning to order online.

Here are a few reasons that shopping at any local boutique is a much safer option than shopping online. Some are obvious, but some are secrets that only industry insiders know.

Reason 1: What you see ISN'T always what you get.
Shopping online can seem so convenient - you just point, click, and you're done! But what most people don't realize is how risky buying bridesmaids dresses online can be. Many websites that promise designer dresses (like Bari Jay, Alfred Sung, and Wtoo) are not authorized retailers of these dresses. That means you run a very high risk of receiving dresses that are poor quality knock-offs. And the colors might not even match because they aren't all from the same dye lot! Even our designers agree - most designers websites have a disclaimer like here. Is it really worth saving a few dollars to run the risk of looking shabby in wedding pictures?

Reason 2: No One Sees The Tags
Many places hide behind popular brand names in order to sell cheaper quality dresses for high prices. We can guarantee that the dresses you get are worth the money you are spending, and buying a cotton or jersey dress for a high price just because it is from a popular brand is not a smart purchase.

Reason 3: You deal with the problems.
If your dress comes to the boutique in the wrong color, with a snag, or anything else awry, Miss Ruby consultants take care of the problems by dealing directly with the designers. We have been working with these companies for years, and they do all they can to make sure we are satisfied, which means we are able to do all we can to make sure you are satisfied. If your dress comes from an unauthorized online retailer, you are responsible for the phone calls, the negotiating, the shipping, and all of the time and money it takes to return it. You have enough wedding planning to worry about, why add this to the list?

Reason 4: It's all about the details.
When you pick up your dress from Miss Ruby Boutique, along with a friendly smile, you also get a high-quality, reusable garment bag, free steaming services, and (most importantly) an endless resource of advice about care, storage, alterations, and any other questions you have about your dress. When you order online, most likely it will come squished in the smallest bag possible for shipping purposes, leaving you on your own to find someone to steam, alter, and take care of your dress.

Reason 5: Shopping local supports your community.
Shopping at small, local businesses has a huge impact on the place you live in. Buying local creates jobs, stimulates your city's economy, reduces environmental impact, and the money you spend literally goes back into your community. If you love Milwaukee as much as we do, support the businesses that keep Milwaukee unique!

Even if you don't find your dream dress at our store, we encourage you to stay local at the wonderful local bridal shops that the Milwaukee area offers! Purchasing dresses for your wedding online is very risky, and shopping local is always a good idea.

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