Friday, April 5, 2013

Destination: A Costa Rica Wedding

With the winter dragging on, it's nice to be able to close your eyes and pretend to be somewhere (anywhere!) warm. If you are planning on a destination and have your sights set on somewhere tropical, the gorgeous country of Costa Rica is the perfect location. Here are some pictures from around the web of brides who decided to take their wedding all the way to Central America in search of sun and sand. Hopefully you can gain some inspiration, and escape in your mind away from this long Wisconsin winter!

These breezy yellow bridesmaids dresses are adorable!
More pictures from this wedding here.

Use a map as an invitation or itinerary for your guests!
Photo found here.

This sign lets everyone know you're having a fun and laid back wedding!
Photo found here.

Tropical print bridesmaids dresses are a must -
and we love their flip flops! Perfect for dancing all night long!
More photos from this wedding here. 

Costa Rica isn't all about the beaches, you can take advantage of it's gorgeous foliage too!
Photo found here.

Palm trees in the background just scream, "beach wedding"
Photo found here.

This wedding arch right on the beach is so picturesque.
Picture found here.

Paper lanterns carry a laid-back vibe to your reception space.
Photo found here.

The Dragonfly Restaurant in Tamarindo is a perfect place for a rehearsal dinner or reception!
More information here.

Disappear into the sunset with your groom after a picture perfect wedding!
More photos of this wedding here.

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