Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Guide to Antique Wedding Rings

While scouring Etsy for a unique bridal find, we stumbled across an article that caught our eye. It was the Guide to Antique Wedding Rings by Lauren Thomann, and it was interesting and informative! In her article, Thomann breaks down each era and tells you the "Why's" and "How's" of engagement rings popular during that period. There are also gorgeous pictures of vintage rings, in case you just want to gawk at some diamonds.

An engagement ring from the Victorian Era.
Learn more here.
A classic Edwardian diamond ring.
Learn more here.

A gorgeous Art Deco Era diamond!
Learn more here.

A ring from the Retro/Mid Century Era
Learn more here

If you love history, love diamonds (who doesn't?), or just want a little insight into a family heirloom, check out the Guide to Antique Wedding Rings on Etsy. And share with us in the Comments if you have any information about vintage rings you would like to share!


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