Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dress Ideas You'll Love

 Want each bridesmaid to stand out in her own unique way but still portray a uniform look among your bridal party? Combining different variations of dresses will do just that! One way to do this is keeping the shade, length and fabric of the dress consistent but mixing it up with styles based on what flatters each bridesmaid & what they like best! Here are a few ideas to get you started but make sure to visit Miss Ruby -  a stylist can make going the mix and match route easy peasy.

  Accent Detailing
Each of these gowns share a similar "criss-cross" detail on the bodice, while maintaining the same shade, length and fabric of the dress. This is a beautiful way to create fluidity within the bridal party.
Featuring: Watters 1529,  Watters Mulberry, WTOO 985 


 Featured Necklines
Another cohesive way to showcase your bridesmaids individually is to select gowns with slightly varying necklines. Each of these dresses are considered "halters", however each they are all different in their own unique way!
Featuring: Alfred Sung D470, D494, D480

Ombre Pallet

Selecting complementary shades from the same color family can create a fun effect within the bridal party. This works best when the gown is the same style or very similar on each maid. The statement of this trend should focus on the contrast of coloring! 
Featuring: Jim Hjelm 5301, 5315, 5423 


Statement Maid-Of-Honor
Never be afraid to experiment with lengths, especially when you want to feature a special person within the bridal party. Try Giving your Maid-Of-Honor a cocktail gown with unique details that flow into the dresses worn by the rest of your maids.
Featured: Jim Hjelm 5351, 5352

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