Wednesday, October 21, 2015

2016 Bridal Trends from Chicago Bridal Market

At the end of September, the Miss Ruby Boutique buying team visited Chicago for 2016 Bridal Market. This yearly event features each designers brand new collections to bridal stores across the country. 

As we walked the market (its HUGE!) and visited the booths of our favorite designers, there were definitely some trends that you will soon see hitting bridal racks in 2016. Some we expected - others were a complete surprise. 

For the low-down on whats going to be popular in 2016 bridal fashion, read on for our take on the trends we saw at this years Bridal Market. 


For those who are not versed in fabrics: Crepe is a light, soft, and thin fabric with a more textured surface than silk or satin. This fabric makes for simple and sleek designs that feature clean lines and edges. 

With lace being the go-to trend for the last few years, dresses designed in a non-patterened crepe are meant to usher in the next generation of bridal gown trends. Rather than the rustic-elegant look, stylists are now leaning more towards an aesthetic that is more modern and sophisticated. 

We love lace, and were perhaps the most surprised at seeing this fabric in nearly every designer's 2016 bridal collection. With that being said, we are excited to show our brides some of our new crepe gowns and see how they go over with Milwaukee brides! 

Long Sleeves

Brides have asked - finally, designers have answered! Bridal gowns with long sleeves were a trend that designers and consumers have been slightly unsure about in the past. Now, we're happy to announce that designers have embraced the trend head on, creating beautiful, long-sleeved gowns that are more modern than they are modest. 

While Kate Middleton made wearing long sleeves look easy, almost all of our brides who walk in to our boutique wanting a long sleeved bridal gown end up walking out wanting something completely different. With exquisite designs that balance out the excess fabric on the arms, 2016's long-sleeved gowns are a style that all brides can embrace

Flowers Everywhere

From flower crowns to floral bridesmaids dresses (and everything in between), brides who aren't afraid of floral patterns will be in luck in 2016. This trend can be styled in so many different ways - boho brides will love a soft crown of greenery, while more traditional brides will find prints for their bridesmaids that match compliment their bouquets. 

Flowers have always been a staple in the bridal world, but now we are seeing more ways than ever to incorporate them into your wedding fashion. We can't wait to meet bridal parties that a bold enough to wear flower prints on the big day!

Questions on how to style these trends? 
We've got you covered!

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