Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Getting To Our New Location!

Our new store is located in the Historic Pritzlaff Building at 333 North Plankinton Avenue. 
We know that The Pritzlaff can be difficult to navigate, so take a look below at our detailed instructions about how to find us!

1. The Pritzlaff is located on the corner of St. Paul and North Plankinton - 
You'll want to enter on the space on foot via St. Paul (which runs East to West). 

2. Follow the orange "Ward 4 - 333" signs that will direct you to The Pritzlaff's beautiful cobblestone courtyard. 

3. In the courtyard, turn the corner slightly and you will see a large glass door labeled "333" - 
that will be your entrance to Miss Ruby's new location. 

 4. Once inside turn to the right slightly and you will see a large elevator - it's a little intimidating at first, but we think it adds to the building's unique, old-world charm! 

Take the elevator to the "2nd Floor Galleria"on floor 2!

5. Once you exit the elevator, go straight though the double doors in front of you - 
you will there see an office directory, which will help you guide your way!

6. Following the directional arrow, you'll go down a hallway that exudes The Pritzlaff's signature charm. There might be a small amount of construction going on (other suites in the building are still a work in progress), but you will able to find our completed space quite easily!

Additional Questions About How To Find Our Store?
Call us at (414) 755-2900 

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