Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Siri Trunk Show - FAQ

Miss Ruby Boutique is hosting a trunk show by the designer Siri
taking place April 15th - 17th. 

If you are interested in our Siri Bridal Trunk Show, or just have questions about gown shopping in general, you've come to the right place! We've compiled a list of FAQ's to address any questions you may have!

That way, you can learn more about this special event before scheduling an appointment!

What Exactly is a Trunk Show?
We always have a selection of Siri gowns in store, but our Trunk Show was designed to give brides the most extensive selection of gowns possible. During the Trunk Show, we will have an entire collection of fabulous gowns that we don't usually have in store for trying on. 

What is This Designer's Style and Price Point?
Siri Bridal is perfect for the simple, sophisticated bride who wants to look absolutely effortless at her wedding. With light, luxurious fabrics, these gowns are not only beautiful, but they are also comfortable. Clean lines and sleek designs are perfect for the bride who wants to go back to basics with her bridal look. 

What Can I Expect at My Appointment?
During your 90-minute appointment you will meet with your stylist, and she will give you an introduction to the store and our selection of bridal gowns. Your stylist will serve as your helper throughout the entire 90 minutes, making sure your gowns are pinned correctly, accessories are added as needed, and all your questions are answered. When you find your gown and say "YES!" to the dress, we're also happy to pop champagne and toast with you and your loved ones!

What If I Fall In Love With a Gown That Isn't Part of the Trunk Show?
Your choices are definitely not limited to our Trunk Show gowns. If you see another gown you love, let your stylist know! 

Will My Stylist Be In the Fitting Room With Me?
We always recommend that brides allow stylists to assist them in the fitting rooms. It not only ensures that our gowns are properly zipped and clipped, but also gives our brides a personal, boutique-style experience. Helping brides in and out of gowns is a part of their job on a daily basis and they know the best way to help. With that said, if you are hesitant at all about your stylist joining you in the fitting room, let her know! 

I'm Nervous to Try on Wedding Gowns - How Can I Prepare for my Appointment?
Before your appointment, look online to familiarize yourself with popular styles as well as the styles we will have in store. With that being said, keep an open mind and try on styles outside of your comfort zone - thats how so many brides find their perfect dress!

What Undergarments Should I Wear?
Wearing proper undergarments is also key. If you know that you are going to be wearing spanks or similar undergarments - bring them with you to your appointment! If you are unsure of your undergarments, we recommend a nude, strapless bra with minimal pushup.

Who Should I Bring Along With Me?
Be thoughtful about who you bring with you to your appointment. If there are friends or family members who must be present when you say "YES!" be sure to bring them with you! Many of our gown samples will be in store for this weekend onlyso you won't be able to recreate that special moment if you try to come back at another time or day.

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