Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Be a Wedding Show Rockstar

As a bride or groom planning a wedding, attending a wedding show should definitely be on your to-do list. It's a great way to meet with lots of talented wedding experts and to get a feel for what vendors you need (or don't need) at your big day. We admit, wedding shows can be overwhelming - but here are a few tips from the experts so that you get the most out of your Wisconsin wedding show experience. 

Have an Open Mind

Nothing is worse that 100's of people trying to sell you something. While that is essentially what happens at wedding shows, we can assure you, not all vendors look at you as a dollar sign. Wedding vendors attend these shows to begin (and build upon) great relationships with couples. While they would probably love for you to commit to purchasing that day, no one expects you to lay down money at the show. Gather information and resources, but don't get stressed about vendors trying to sell, sell, sell. 

Be Kind & Courteous...

Vendors at wedding shows are looking to build great relationships with brides and grooms. Keep in mind, those relationships go both ways. If you act rude, rushed, or have a generally poor attitude during your interaction, vendors will remember. This doesn't mean you need to be overly enthusiastic! Just remember that vendors are there to connect with you, not scam you or give you free things. 

...And Expect the Same in Return

We consider our booth at wedding shows to be an extension of our store, and should provide visitors with an excellent idea of the service and atmosphere that our store provides. Lots of great vendors that we love do exactly the same thing. If you aren't loving the style of a booth or the attitudes of the people in it, use that as a huge hint that they aren't the vendor for you.

Bring Address Labels

Many booths will have a place for you to provide your contact information so that they can keep in touch with you. A lot will also have amazing give-aways that you can only enter to win at the show! To streamline this process, we definitely recommend bringing address labels with your name, contact information, & wedding date. 

Forget to bring labels? Remember to write legibly. You'd be shocked to see how many amazing brides don't win our prizes because we genuinely can't decipher their name or phone number.  

Provide an Email Address

The most effective form of communication between vendors and clients is undoubtably email. It allows everyone to have a written record of your interaction, which helps both parties in the future. We're always a fan of face-to-face interactions, but email is our second favorite form of communication. 

Don't want to receive spam in your personal or work inbox? We don't blame you. Creating an email address for your wedding (ex. is a great way to keep in touch with vendors, receive special offers, and keep your inbox clutter-free. 

Ready to Wedding Show?

Here is a list of some amazing upcoming events

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Saturday, January 21st

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Tuesday, January 24th

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Thursday, February 22nd

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Sunday, February 26th

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