Wednesday, January 18, 2017

BHLDN Gowns, Right Here in Milwaukee

BHLDN is a national bridal brand with an amazing concept. An offshoot of Anthropologie (one of our favorite Third Ward shopping spots!), BHLDN has beautiful bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, and decor. 

For girls who don't want to travel all the way to Chicago or pay downtown Chicago prices (hello, 10% sales tax), we carry many of BHLDN's popular bridal gowns right here in Milwaukee! Even though they're marketed as "BHLDN Exclusives," most of their gowns from Watters or Willowby are also sold in local boutiques. Sometimes, BHLDN will stock them in exclusive colors, but the styles are exactly the same & just as gorgeous in our many color options!

Plus, finding your gown at Miss Ruby means you'll get unmatched customer service & will feel great about putting money back into your local community, rather than a national retailer. 

BHLDN's Rosalind = Wtoo's Madeira

Our Wtoo "Madeira" gown is sampled in a more traditional ivory & looks gorgeous on! 

BHLDN's Elise = Wtoo's Elise

Available beaded or un-beaded, Miss Ruby brides love trying on Elise!

BHLDN's Cassia = Wtoo's Locklin

Our newest Wtoo arrival is the exact same gown, sampled in a creamy champagne tone

BHLDN's Josie = Willowby's Esperance

This bohemian-inspired gown comes in a variety of colors to fit your venue & style!

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