Monday, May 15, 2017

Bridal Appointment Etiquette

When it comes to bridal appointments, our stylists have seen it all! While we don't expect everyone to know exactly how the bridal gown shopping process works, here are a few key tips to prepare you for  a fun & stress free shopping experience!

Take a look at the list below for our 5 Basics of Bridal Appointment Etiquette. 

1. Make An Appointment

Most bridal boutiques (including Miss Ruby) are by appointment only. The reason isn't to keep guests out. We like to make sure that we have a fitting room ready for you and a consultant available to answer any questions you may have. We've found that 99% of brides who come in to "just browse" end up also wanting to try on a dress or ask questions about the dresses that they're seeing. 

Similarly, if you find your dress at another store, don't hesitate to call to cancel your appointment! We often have waiting lists for appointments, so by canceling, you are allowing another bride to potentially find her dream dress, too. Treat bridal appointments the same way you would treat a hair appointment with your favorite stylist. 

2. Be Honest (But Be Polite!) 

We say this time and time again - The dresses do not have feelings, so don't feel bad telling your consultant what you do like or don't like about a dress! With that said, tearing down a dress (that may be the favorite of the bride next to you) can make for an awkward moment. Remember, every dress is perfect for someone's wedding. There are ways to say that you don't like a dress that won't offend anybody in earshot. 

3. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

We often have 3-4 bridal appointments going on at one time. It's always nice to be mindful of and kind to the brides you are sharing our store with. For example, we once had a bride repeatedly complain (very loudly) that she was "WAY too skinny to fit into anything" while a few feet away, a fuller-figured bride was feeling down for having the opposite problem. Your bridal appointment is your day to be the center of attention. But please be mindful of others in the process. 

4. Talk to Your Consultant

Your consultant is there to be your helping hand throughout the bridal gown ordering process & to help you find the dress of your dreams. She is not there to make you feel pressured or more nervous. If you have questions - ASK! We know a lot about wedding gowns, but we don't expect our brides to. If you are confused about something, speak up! We would rather answer your question in store than have it become an issue later in your wedding planning process. Also, if you have found a gown elsewhere you really love - BE HONEST.  This will only help your stylist find the gown best for you!

5. Don't Overbook Yourself & Don't be Late

We see brides all the time who have a day jam-packed with bridal appointments. They are typically rushing out of their appointment early or arriving to their appointment late because there is entirely too much on their schedule for the day. 

Brides who do this are setting themselves up for added stress and ultimately failure. How can you fall in love with a dress when you are constantly watching the clock? Allow yourself time to breathe, relax, get lunch, and whatever else will make the day easier for you. One or two positive appointments is MUCH better than 4-5 appointments that quickly become a blur. If you do happen to be running late for the appointment make sure to call the boutique & give them a heads up.

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