Monday, May 8, 2017

Our Stylist's Favorite Wedding Trends

The Miss Ruby Team is full of talented & stylish ladies (and gentleman!) who know a few things about what makes a wedding great. They talk weddings all the time, so they are always in-the-know about what makes for an on-trend wedding day. 

- Read on for Their Favorite Wedding Trends - 


Adrianna is a bride-to-be herself, so she is perhaps the best one to talk to about wedding trends. "Blush tones are my favorite," she said, "They make for the perfect color combination, especially for Spring and Summer weddings." 


Sara has a great take on what makes a wedding memorable. Her favorite trend? "I once saw a photo of a couple who make their grandma's the flower girls in their wedding, and thought that it was so cute!" 


Braylee's favorite trend is something that our brides LOVE! "Maybe it's just because I can't keep plants alive but I love succulents!" She said they're best mixed with colors like blush, purple, or coral "but not all at once!"


Hillary's favorite color trend is one that is slowly taking the bridal world by storm. "Rose gold is just pink, but all grown up," she said. The best way to incorporate it? She told us small touches, like jewelry, hair accessories, or the edging on a veil is just the right amount. 


Everyone already knows that Jimmy's favorite wedding trend is an open bar. When asked for his second favorite trend, he said, "I love when people have animals at their weddings! One of my brides told me she had a goat at her wedding and I was so jealous!"

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Jessica said...

These wedding trends are truly fascinating specially having animals on your special day, I think a pet dog or cat would be nice but a goat? well it might be cute in a way and kinda unique too, it should be really nice to avoid eating the Bridal Fabrics