Monday, October 23, 2017

2018 Trends From Bridal Market Chicago

Last month, the Miss Ruby Team went to Chicago for Bridal Market - a 4 day event that brings some of the biggest names in bridal fashion to the Midwest. We got a first look at the Spring 2018 collections from our designers and got to choose exactly which gowns we want to bring to Milwaukee for our brides! 

Just like every year, there are some trends that we never saw coming! Want to know what's on the horizon for bridal fashion and what girls will be wearing into 2019? Take a look below for the stand-out trends we saw at Bridal Market Chicago. 

Geometric Patterns

A few weeks ago, if you would have told us that geometric prints and patterns would be a stand-out trend in the bridal world, we wouldn't have believed it. But it totally works! There is something incredibly fun about bringing a new texture to a classic look. This trend is perfect for brides who have a lot of personality but want to be traditional on their big day too. 

Traditional Silhouettes

For the last few years, brides have been wanting to keep their looks sleek, simple, & comfortable. It makes sense, then, that bride who want a fresh and unexpected look would turn to something that makes a statement. Full A-Line & Ballgown skirts were definitely a huge part of our designers' new collections. These gowns have undeniable wow-factor and will make anyone who wears them feel like a princess. 

Floral Prints & Patterns

Flowers have always been a part of wedding day style. Now, however, flowers can be incorporated right into your bridal gown. Whether you want subtle embroidery or to go all-out, our designers are making the trend accessible to every bride! This is the perfect trend for brides who want a non-traditional color, but don't want to look like every other blush-covered bride.

Arriving in store Winter 2017!

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