Friday, October 6, 2017

How to Accessorize Your Bridal Gown

Choosing the perfect accessories is easily one of the best parts of bridal shopping. The perfect bridal baubles will enhance your wedding day look and take your gown from basic to extraordinary. With that said, there are definitely do's & don'ts when it comes to piling on the bling. 

Read below for our stylists tips on how to accessorize your gown. 

- Jewelry -

It's almost impossible to choose your jewelry without knowing exactly what your bridal gown looks like. The neckline of your gown is probably the biggest factor when it comes to choosing your jewelry. 

Strapless Gowns 
You can do anything with a strapless gown. 
Go bold with a statement necklace or chandelier earring, or keep it simple with a pendant, pearls, or studs. 

V-Neck Gowns 
Choose a necklace that compliment the shape of the neckline. 
The wider the strap of the gown, the smaller your earring should be. 

Open Neck Gowns 
These gowns do not need a necklace. Leaving your neckline open is often more flattering. 
If you decide on a necklace, choose a small pendant or a small strand of pearls. 

High Neck Gowns 
Leave a off the necklace with these dresses. It will only compete with the style of your dress.
 Instead, a large statement earring is perfect for this style

Miss Ruby's Bridal Jewelry Tips

- Don't wear a statement necklace with a large earring. Choose one or the other.
- Don't forget to bring any specific jewelry pieces you are set on wearing with you when gown shopping. 
- Don't compromise your personal style. If you're not a jewelry person, your wedding is not the day to go overboard. 

- Hair Accessories -

Another fun place to add accessories is in your hair! They are what truly pull your look together and define your bridal style. 

Hair Vines

Perfect For: 

Effortlessly elegant brides who want something more sophisticated and unexpected than a flower crown.

Our Tip: 

Weave a hair vine into your braid for an elegant and relaxed look. 

Hair Combs

Perfect For: 

Vintage-inspired brides who are planning on wearing their hair in an up-do.

Our Tip: 

Place a comb at the base of your veil so it can keep your look cohesive even after you remove your veil. 

Head Bands

Perfect For: 

Traditional brides who aren't afraid to sparkle. 

Our Tip: 

Take your headband to your hairstylist for your hair trials so you know where it should sit. 

Hair Chains

Perfect For: 

Boho brides who want every detail of their wedding to be right on trend.

Our Tip: 

Incorporate a chain into a more traditional up-do to make the pieces more versatile. 

- Belts -

Even when a bride thinks she doesn't want a bridal belt, the second she puts one on, it usually changes her mind! 
The reason is simple - bringing attention to the smallest part of your body is incredibly figure-flattering. 

Crystal Belts

If your dress isn't super sparkly, adding a crystal belt can dress it up and make it feel more bridal. Think of a crystal belt as a piece of jewelry, just for your dress. With that said, if your belt is a statement piece, you should keep the rest of your jewelry more subdued. 

Ribbon Sashes

Soften the look of your gown with a ribbon or sash in an Ivory or Champagne. This will highlight your natural waist without adding bling, which keeps the look soft & romantic. If you want to be more bold, choose one of your accent colors for your sash. 

- Ready to Accessorize? -