Friday, November 3, 2017

5 Bridesmaids Myths

No matter how many times you've been a bridesmaid in other people's weddings, planning your own wedding is never easy - especially when it comes to your bridesmaids. After all, trends, expectations, and traditions change from year to year. Mix that with your family members and sometimes it can get messy. 

There are certain things our stylists hear all the time from brides about their bridal parties, and we'd like to put some of the most popular myths to rest.

Myth #1: 
You need to have the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen.

It's easy to see why this is repeated over and over. There is a certain symmetry when the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen is equal. If you end up having the same number in each party on each side, that's great! 

The truth is, it's not at all necessary to add unwanted people (or nix your favorite friends) just because of a numbers game. If your groom has only two best friends and you want to include all of your sorority sisters, there's no need to force a compromise. Your photos may not be symmetrical, but they'll include all of the people that you love. At the end of the day, which is more important?

Myth #2: 
You can only have ONE Maid of Honor

Being a Maid of Honor is a coveted position. However, if you have two ladies who are equally important to you, there is nothing wrong with honoring them both. This is especially important if you have lots of family obligations when it comes to your bridal party. Having two Maids' of Honor allows you to include a family member and a close friend who has been like family to you. It's a Win-Win!

Myth #3
You "have" to include certain people in your bridal party

Everyone's family dynamics are different. With that said, your wedding day (and the events leading up to it) should be filled with people who bring you joy. If those people do not include close family members, there's nothing wrong with that! As long as they get an invite, they should still feel included in the day. 

Similarly, your wedding photos are going to be around longer than some of your friendships are. If you are a bride who only wants family members standing up with you, don't be afraid to put your foot down! It doesn't matter if you stood up in your friends wedding 5 years ago (and she expects you to return the favor) - having only family members is your right as a bride. 

Myth #4
Your bridesmaids should pick out their own dresses & their opinion should come first

We have amazing brides who want their bridesmaids to feel 100% comfortable at their wedding. This often means putting all of the bridesmaids dress decisions in the hands of their bridesmaids. While this is a great gesture, if your bridesmaids only want you to be happy and you only want them to be happy, everyone gets stuck in a circle of indecision. And often, in the end, no one is happy. 

If you have a specific idea in mind for your wedding, don't be afraid to let your bridesmaids know what it is! It's easy to choose dresses that look great on lots of different body types, allowing everyone to be comfortable while wearing a look you, the bride, love. 

Myth #5
Your bridesmaids have to wear their dress again

We have tons of adorable styles in store that are right on-trend in the fashion world. However, as a bride, you shouldn't be shopping for an imaginary event where your friend might need a gown. Shop for the event that is happening right now: your wedding! If you end on a fashion-forward look (our stylists can help you find one!) that's great. If it ends up hanging in their closet, we promise you'll still remain friends. 

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