Thursday, November 16, 2017

How To Get the Perfect Fit

Buying a bridesmaids dress is different that buying literally any other article of clothing that you have in your closet. There are measurements, size charts, and a whole host of other things that can make the process somewhat intimidating for bridesmaids. 

Want to know how sizing works? What should you know before placing your order?
We're here with answers!

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Why Can't I Order my Normal Dress Size?

Bridesmaids dresses are not the sized the same as dresses you get at the mall. Because they are sized so differently, a stylist will use your bust, waist and hip measurements to determine the perfect size by that particular designer. Most designers run small, so don't worry if you have to order a larger size than normal. 

Don't use sizing from another wedding as an indication of what size you should order. Unless the dresses are from the same designer and same season, your size will most likely be different. 

What If I'm Measuring Between Sizes?

Don't worry! This happens all the time. Most people don't fit perfectly into pattern measurements sent from a designer. 
Use the largest size you are measuring into to determine which size to order. 

Why Should I Go With the Largest Size?

Bridesmaids dresses often are made from delicate fabrics and have very little seam allowance, which means they are difficult to let out. If a dress comes in and it is too large, it is easy for a seamstress to take in a gown. If a dress is too small, you have less options and run the risk of having to order an entirely new dress for the wedding. 

What If I Plan on Loosing Weight?

We know that brides and bridesmaids alike want to be in the best shape they can be for the wedding. However, bridesmaids dresses need to be ordered at least 6-months before the wedding. We always recommend ordering the size you are currently and then having it tailored according to your weight loss in the few months it takes to arrive. After all, losing pounds doesn't always equal losing inches.

I'm Scared of My Dress Being WAY Too Big!

You should know ahead of time approximately how large a dress will be in certain areas when it arrives. Seamstresses can take a dress in up to 4 sizes, which is a lot. Sometimes a dress that is a couple inches large feels really, really big, but is not any more work (or money) to alter. 

Why Should I Listen To My Stylist?

You stylist will help you find the size that will work best for you. After all, we want you to be happy with the dress that you get! We do error on the side of caution when it comes to the sizes we recommend, but that's because we've seen the horror stories of dresses being too small, and we don't want that to be you! Any recommendations are because we are looking out for you and want you to have the best fit possible. 

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