Friday, January 8, 2010

Bridesmaid dress remix

Watters & Watters Silk Crinkle Chiffon Dress
Our mission today is to ease your stress and calm your nerves about dropping your hard earned cash on a bridesmaid dress, and show you how to wear one great bridesmaid dress to more than just a wedding.

This Watters & Watters cocktail length bridesmaid dress is perfect for several different looks. Take a glance at ours. What is your favorite look?

The top left and bottom right looks are perfect for a trendy, yet casual look. The white sweater, skinny belt, and brown boots act as a great way to play down the fancy dress, creating an overall playful and fun look. As we look to the bottom right, the casual shirt paired with the same brown boots allows for the bridesmaid dress to have functionality.

The remaining two looks, top right and bottom left, are great for any party. As for both looks, the dress can be tucked into any high waist skirt. The top right is slightly more sophisticated by finishing the look with a sleek black skirt. Just add a couple of fun accessories (we added a black headband) and you’ll be looking your best for a night out. Lastly, we brought in the element of color contrast to create a playful party look. Look to the bottom left, and you can see that adding the orange pumps acts as a contrast to the purple dress and black flowered skirt, creating a look that is entirely different from the others.

Which looks would you wear? What’s your favorite?

PS - Thank you to the lovely girls downstairs at Beauty Salon for helping out with hair and makeup for our model. Laura Holterman is responsible for the nails and makeup, while Carmen Rubio styled the hair.

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