Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fancy this. . .

Lucky Breaks
Well it isn’t all that surprising that Lucky magazine is one of my favorite magazines. If you haven’t seen it before it is basically a magazine about shopping and style. My two favorite things!  The magazine is filled with all sorts of styles & trends and where to find it all.  But if you head on over to the website – – you’ll find a ton of info from suggestions on where to shop in your fav city & online, to style advice.  And you can even shop on their website.

But my absolute favorite part is the Lucky Breaks section where you can sign up to win loads of items each month from makeup to shoes to shopping trips and more. I love it. Of course I have never won but have had friends who have and just having the chance to win a $2200 ring or $700 in makeup gets me excited. I don’t know why I am telling you this because that will decrease my chances of winning…but what the heck, I just can't keep this a secret! Good luck!

One of the giveaways this month - a $2200 ring!

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